When it comes to building your home, you can easily get confused on deciding the theme of it, given the enormous theme available out there. As design and architecture are getting evolved we come across a new themes frequently. The theme is what signifies what your home is all about. Without a theme, a house cannot be called a home. When so many elements of design are gathered in a home, the theme is what combines everything and gives it a statement look.

Well, if you are looking for house construction in Bangalore and the theme is what your mind is wandering about, the following list will give you a clear picture to land on a decision.

  1. Contemporary Themed – Often contemporary style is mistaken for modern style. This theme revolves around neutral colors and it is a blend of all the trends that a person wants to inculcate in their house. A contemporary theme-based house can look traditional from the outside and have a modern floorplan on the inside. A house constructed with a contemporary theme is a mixture of various elements from a different style. Such houses have minimal decorative elements, unconventional rooftops, flexible floorplan, modern material usage, and run-on clean lines. To summarize, whatever house plan is trendiest and popular currently becomes contemporary.
  2. Traditional style – Traditional Indian houses are the most elite of all. Its construction involves incorporating huge verandahs, gardens, historical arches, courtyards, sloping roofs, etc. For constructing a typical traditional house, the house construction companymust have great knowledge of our history and culture. Traditionally expensive wooden materials were used extensively to construct homes. Traditional homes have elegant detailing in their construction. These require a floor plan that allows the proper amount of natural light and air to circulate within your home. However, the current traditional theme houses are way different from old traditional houses.
  3. Minimalist style – As simple as the name is, this type of theme has the simplest and most sophisticated design elements of all time. Simplicity and minimalism go together. Such houses have a neutral color scheme and furniture as minimal as possible. From constructing bare walls to having optimum storage, a minimalist themed house is the most organized one. While planning for such a house you should think of straight forms, open layouts, etc. Yet another feature to constructing a minimal-themed house is functionality, while using minimum items, the functionality shouldn’t be compromised. Such a type of theme provides an organized look to your home.
  4. Vintage Theme house – This is one of the styles which isn’t that established yet but currently has gained a lot of attention because of the scope of creativity it provides. This theme includes lots of decorative elements and antique furniture that is loved for ages. Usually, the décor items used in such a themed house are black and white. It also follows a pastel color palette. This house has an old-fashioned charm that never diminishes. Constructing this type of home doesn’t require immense hard work as most of the materials and furniture are reclaimed and recycled.
  5. Industrial style – To construct an industrial home, minimum construction is required as there is not much that needs to be changed. Its key features are brick walls, exposed pipelines, and ceiling. Such a space has a raw and unfinished vibe attached to it. It appears just like an industrial warehouse turned into a living space. Some of the features include concrete flooring, antique light fixtures, huge sectionals, etc. This style will give a cold and mature look to your home. Construction of such a home generally brings a factory setting to your mind.
  6. Modern styled homes – How can modern homes not make it to the list? These are popular all over the internet and have a fascinating look. This is a style which nowadays architects and designers are using in all other themes of homes as it is important to have some modern elements in your house to keep up with the trends. Such houses are constructed mostly asymmetric with minimum clutter and accessories. In a modern themed house, geometric patterns are spotted frequently. A bold and contrasting color scheme runs all over a modern home. If you want your house to be constructed with clean lines and sober class, this is the theme for you.
  7. Rustic style – The rawest theme ever, rustic theme homes and even eateries are in trend. Some features of rustic homes are that their architectural details consist mostly of reclaimed wood, exposed ceilings, etc. Such a space is constructed keeping in mind a realistic and natural vibe. The stonework is also common for a rustic-themed home. Most of the décor items of this space are handcrafted and unique which adds up to the creativity and freshness of this theme. This theme gives a simple look to the space, requiring raw construction. The overall look of this space after construction is organic and terrene.
  8. Zen/ Asian themed home – Mostly popular in the Zen and Asian countries, this theme is also constructed based on clean lines and least decoration. Natural elements like bamboo, water, and sunlight are essentially included throughout such a space. The color theme of Asian houses is rich and bold. The texture is the vital feature of this theme that complements its look. A Zen-themed house has a spiritual vibe attached to it and construction of these houses requires planned placements of doors and windows so that the natural elements get involved in the home.

When themes are to be looked for, the list can be never-ending. Some other themes like Bohemian, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Eclectic, etc. are also popular and should be considered as an option while deciding on the theme of your home. Fortunately, to help you decide on a theme according to your taste and standard of living this construction business has answers and plans to all your questions and requirements. With professionals who know enormous themes, they can customize a theme especially as per your demands.