It’s always a little disconcerting to turn on the air conditioner and hear a couple of loud pops. Some people choose to ignore these sounds, assuming they can ignore them.

However, you shouldn’t leave them be, especially when there are other indications that you need air conditioning repair in Basking Ridge, NJ. Here’s what you should know about your cooling system.

Thermostat Problems

If you have recently moved into a new home or bought one, take a look at the thermostat setting for your A/C in Basking Ridge, NJ. If the temperature is set between 84 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, this is normal.

If the temperature registers below 80 degrees F., temperatures may be too high, indicating problems with the air conditioner like low refrigerant levels or no cool air flow from vents.​ Call a professional today for air conditioning repair in Basking Ridge, NJ.

System Takes Too Long to Cool Your Home

If it is hot outside and your air conditioning isn’t doing its job, you may have a problem with the system. If you turn on the A/C in the early evenings to help cool down your home for when you arrive from work, but it doesn’t feel like the temperature has dropped significantly enough, then there could be problems with your air conditioner.

Unusual Sounds From Your A/C

If your air conditioning system is making unusual sounds, this could be a sign of impending failure. If your outside unit is rattling or strange squeals are coming from the compressor, try turning off the power and checking if the noise stops when it cools down. This could indicate that there’s something stuck in the system. Look for blockages like leaves or branches that may be causing issues with airflow.

Contact an expert today for air conditioning repair in Basking Ridge, NJ.

It Won’t Turn On at All

Your air conditioner won’t come on? First, you’ll want to make sure its’ time to turn on your AC. Some systems have timers built into them, so they don’t run during certain times like overnight when you’re sleeping. Check your time settings and make sure it’s set to turn on at the right times. If it is, then you could have a tripped breaker or blown a fuse.

First, check your breakers in the main electrical panel. Next, look for a circuit breaker or fuse that controls your air conditioner near the outside unit itself. You can also call an electrician if you don’t see any fuses or breakers that are tripped.

Dirty Filters

Clean your A/C filters regularly. Most manufacturers also recommend changing the filters at least twice a year or before you see any drop in performance.

Failure to do this step can cause a buildup of dirt on the coils and units that may affect their power efficiency and cooling performance. Aside from dirty coils, another possible reason for poor cooling could be worn-out parts. You may need to call an expert with experience handling HVAC systems to assess and evaluate your unit.


Check for Leaks From Your A/C

Check your system regularly for any signs of leakage from your air conditioning unit or ducts, like moisture on the floor near it. It could mean you have a problem with your cooling coil, drain line, or refrigerant lines. You could end up wasting hundreds of dollars by failing to detect it while it’s still small enough to fix instead of waiting for the damage to get worse and a bigger repair bill.

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