The e-commerce industry in recent years has grown rapidly. But, that doesn’t your online store will too go the same way. Whether your store is struggling to achieve the sales goals or experience stubbornness in the annual revenue figure, then you are required to invest in a qualifiedEssex web design website to build a store that converts leads like crazy. As a matter of truth, as suggested by digital marketing experts worldwide, having good website design is the key to growth for your e-commerce business. You will also get information about how to learn to code.

The design of your website involves a number of things, starting with your brand’s logo, the overall usability & the appearance of your store. The design should be such that it maximises the user experience, poor store layout has an uncanny ability to kill the business.

The Website Loading Speed

Good e-commerce store doesn’t flashy stuff; instead, it is about the loading speed of your website. If the visitors find your business website slow to load, they will probably come to your competitors. A survey said 75% of the Internet users trust online commerce stores based on how quickly a website loads. You are going to lose about 25% of your potential visitors if your store takes more than four seconds to load.

Mobile Access

The way people shop has changed significantly over the year, nowadays people buy goods from the comfort of their home or office. As of 2018 November, the mobile devices today are one of the popular means by which website draw sales. This especially covers the young segment of the society. Make sure, your online store is responsive on multiple mobile devices; the commerce store should be easy to navigate.

The Power Of Landing Page

If you want your e-commerce business to grow with each passing hour, then you are required to invest in the landing page. A landing page is a specific page dedicated to a product or offer, that you would like your potential visitors to take a look at. The landing page has to have a call to action button this will motivate your viewers to buy from your website.

In the end, it is of paramount importance to reach out to a reliable website designing to fuel new life to your business. Take your time to look into the various aspects when hiring an Essex web design agency and help you get the results you always aimed for.