Power cut situations arise even in the capital city of Delhi. Power cuts occur more frequently in summer compared to the winter season. The need for generators is felt like never before during these power cut periods. The need for purchasing generators is felt as we want any power interruptions to be dealt with during critical situations without it hampering our activities.  In the scenario of frequent power cuts, investing in a generator would be a wise decision. You can check out generator dealers delhi before making a purchase. Generators are available in various models depending on the purpose of usage – domestic, office or industrial.  There are high end and low-end models which can provide power backup ranging from a few hours too long hours.

Choosing the Right Generator

Focussing only on the cost without analyzing other factors is not the ideal way to choose a generator. Having a better idea of certain factors related to generators will give more clarity while making a choice of the right generator.  Check out the factors mentioned below

  • Budget

Your estimated budget will define the type of purchase you can make.  In the case of budget restrictions, you can opt for second-hand generators generator rentals depending on whether it is for domestic or commercial purpose.

  • Choice of Generator Fuel

You can choose between diesel, kerosene, petrol or gas as fuel for the generator. Based on your fuel choice you can select from diesel, kerosene, petrol or gas generators

  • Choice of Phase Type

Generators can be either single or three phase types. Single Phase Generators are popular for light load applications. Three Phase or Polyphase Generators are used for heavy load applications.

  • Generator Sizing

The appliances you intend to operate and individual wattage requirements will determine the size of the generator you need. A small portable up to 6k watts generator can power the lights and most appliances. Portable ones are handy to operate within homes. For industrial or large commercial purposes, you can select huge sized industrial generators providing power from 50kW to 3MW for efficient functioning.

  • Service and Maintenance

Ensure that the generator you choose to buy comes with a warranty to cover essential maintenance requirements for a stipulated period of time, subsequent to which you have to pay. You can opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with the dealer to avail of quality service at reasonable prices. After all regular servicing is a must for the proper functioning of the generator. Having considered all the above factors, you would have better clarity regarding the requirements for your generator and stand a better chance to strike a good deal. Be on the lookout for a generator for sale in delhi. Select a generator that exactly meets your requirements and ensures durability. There are a whole lot of dealers dealing in generators in and around Delhi with whom you can make inquiries with, on the internet.  Select a vastly experienced and reputed dealer to have a trouble-free experience with generators and become immune to power failures.