Using skincare serum is greatly overlooked in most women’s facial regimes. It is seen to be unnecessary and expensive and above the usual cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine, but it is a highly effective way to maintain, prolong or bring back the youthful glow we all want to have forever.

My personal favourites are the Lancome range of serum, including their new entry into the range, visionnaire!

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For fast and effective results I recommend that you use a separate daytime and nighttime regime, both incorporating separate Lancome serums.

Your morning serum must focus on brightness and radiance for the day ahead, and your nighttime serum to repair whilst you sleep.


Your daytime skin regime will consist of cleansing, tone, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. I tend to use a foaming wash off gel cleanser in the morning and a toner designed for combination skin to restore the PH balance of the skin and help tighten the pores to minimize oil production throughout the day.

Now for the important bit.

Your Lancome serum for the morning is called GENIFIQUE!

I cannot stress enough how good this skincare serum is.

Genifique is a youth-activating Lancome skin serum that will boost the production of youth proteins within the genes.

Other brands do similar but I’ve found the Lancome skincare serum to be the most effective and the results showed within 5 days. My skin looked more luminous, brighter, smoother, and glowing.

You would then follow your Lancome skin serum with the appropriate eye cream and day moisturizer to treat your individual concern, whether it be hydration, lack of radiance, first signs of ageing or deep-set lines and wrinkles.


Though similar to your daytime skin regime, the nighttime regime is carried out with products specifically designed for nighttime use, so use a separate eye make-up remover if you need to, cleanse and tone as you did in the morning.

Your nighttime Lancome skin serum is called visionnaire!

This product was launched on the market on the 1st September and I have been using it for 2 weeks having tracked down some samples of it and I already could not live without it.

Visionnaire serum is designed to correct various damage to the skin.

Nighttime is when the skin repairs and regenerates itself, so a great time to aid that repair with this Lancome serum which has a new repair molecule in it that is supposed to be the most powerful on the market!

Already after 2 weeks of usage I can definitely see my pores are starting to shrink down and the overall texture of my skin is improving, and this skincare serum is said to diminish pigmentation and correct dark spots, as well as reducing lines and wrinkles and I look forward to carrying on with it and seeing more positive results.

Follow your Lancome serum with your appropriate eye cream (the same as your daytime regime) and night moisturizer to treat your individual concern.

Your night cream does differ from your day cream in that it is more active to aid repair overnight.

Your skin is at its most active between 12 am and 4 am so it needs a little extra help to repair the damage that will happen daily due to environmental aggressors.

I’ve been using the range of Lancome skincare serums for over 3 years now and absolutely love them, however, there are many brands available out there should Lancome serums not be right for you.