Entrepreneurs generally experience a lot of dilemmas in choosing the right programming language that best fits their product. Several programming languages are available; when it comes to Java or Python, choosing one for web app development is indeed a difficult choice.

I am writing this informative piece of content to clear the clutter and do a fair comparison between the two programming languages Java and Python. And come up with a final result as to which one would be the perfect fit for your enterprise’s app development requirements.

Java Vs Python Comparison

 Java Vs Python, though initially, it may sound like a battle between the two, is actually an assessment as to which is the optimal choice for your product. Both Java and Python come with their pros and cons and a lot of other factors. For your better understanding, let us compare the two programming languages briefly.




Performance Faster Comparatively Slower
Syntax Difficult to read Easy to Read
Lines of Codes More lines of codes Less lines of codes
Library A comprehensive set of standard libraries but lesser than Python More than 137,000 libraries
Security Comparatively less secure More secure in comparison to Java
Cost Efficiency Higher cost efficiency Comparatively lower cost efficiency
Suitable For Enterprise, Embedded, and Cross-Platform Applications Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning
Companies using Uber, Dropbox, Google Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram
Future Java has been consistent in the market from a very long time due to its portability and features Python has come in an exponential demand making it the best choice for the developers which also points out to its bright future ahead


We know that the first point of concern for every entrepreneur is the efficiency/performance of their web application. Choosing the right programming language in the initial stage can be crucial.

When it comes to Java vs Python and especially their performance, Java is faster than Python in source code execution as it runs multiple computations simultaneously, whereas Python is an interpreted language. It starts the debugging process run-time making it comparatively slower.

Best Suitable Choice

Your enterprise perfectly represents your needs in web app development because you know your enterprise better than anyone else. So, who better can be to give you the right choice in terms of programming language for web app development.

The market metrics say that Based on the market metrics, we have given below the best suitable programming language you can use depending on your enterprise. Java, a free concurrent, class-based independent language, is best suited for Enterprise, Embedded, and Cross-Platform Applications. Python, a high-level object-oriented language with fewer lines of codes and lesser maintenance costs, is best suited for AI, Data-Science, and Machine Learning Applications. 

Standard Library

A library in programming languages is a pre-written code that reduces the developer’s efforts and time invested while developing the application. A library can play a major role in web app development.

Python entails a large and comprehensive library of more than 137,000 libraries. It also has decent data processing libraries like Pandas and Dask with good data visualization capabilities with Matplotlib and Seaborn packages.

On the other hand, Java has a comprehensive set of standard libraries with functions identical to modern operating systems.

Java  Vs Python Limitations 

Like every platform, both Java and Python have their limitations. These limitations might or might not affect your app, but it’s better to consider the probable gaps before making your decision.



●      Slower program due to JIT compiler

●      High hardware cost due to high processing and memory requirements

●      Being dynamic more errors at run-time

●      No support for low-level programming constructs (e.g., Pointers)

●      Functions like delete(), free() unavailable, hence, no bin collection


●      Only a few platforms use Python

●      Python is an interpreted language making it slower than the others

●      Not used in app development as it not efficient with mobile computing

●      Being dynamic more errors at run-time

●      Out-of-date and inferior database access layer

●      Nominal or No commercial support


Closing the blog the inference can be drawn that while Python is an interpreted language that is easy to debug and offers a vast library making it operational friendly. On the other hand, Java is faster, effective in mobile computing with write once run anywhere accessibility.

Hence, when it comes to comparison, there is no better choice between the two, but it is preferred for business owners to review their business needs, use-case, and similar other aspects before taking a call.

Author Bio

Chandresh Patel is a CEO, Agile coach, and founder of Bacancy Technology. His entrepreneurial spirit, skillful expertise, and extensive knowledge in Agile software development services have helped the organization achieve new heights of success. Also, Chandresh is fronting the organization into global markets in a systematic, innovative, and collaborative way to fulfill custom software development needs and provide optimum quality services.