Contemporary technological trends have a shrinking life cycle. It doesn’t take long before another trend jumps in to take the people by surprise. Through innovation in technology has been the hallmark of change in previous years, the latest trends in technology are disruptive in nature and they will be determining the changes in the tech world in 2020. Many industries, businesses, and investors are going to transform by employing these trends.

This digital mesh will incorporate intelligent technologies including human interconnectivity, device, content, and robots. Several services will also be part of this digital transformation. These technologies will propel innovation leaders to embrace the change or face extinction.


There’s so much happening in the tech space right now that it’s hard to put up an exhaustive list of the hottest tech trends and our following list is only based on what we feel is going to change the dynamics of the global tech industry.

5 technology trends to look forward to in 2020

  1. 5G Technology


Before we move on to other tech trends, one technology that is going to redefine the rest is 5G technology. The most obvious technology to closely watch in 2020 is a tech necessity for every other tech industry to flourish. Without 5G, the rest of the tech trends might not see the success they would otherwise hope to achieve. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, drones, and supercomputers won’t operate optimally without 5G technology. You can expect 10 times faster speeds than a 4G LTE network if 5G technology becomes available.


  1. Artificial intelligence will get a boost with machine learning


Artificial intelligence or AI refers to the machines that exhibit human attributes. These machines can speak, read, see, and even recognize emotions. AI Assistant has been available for more than a decade now, but the availability of a vast amount of data is going to be a game-changer in this technology.

Coming 2020, Machine Learning is going to transform the businesses by engaging AI, thus promoting smart business operations. Artificial intelligence is also going to bring changes in space technology and China is going to usurp the U.S. in AI development.

Autonomous vehicles and robotics are two tech sectors that are going to see advancements due to advances in machine learning technology. A combination of machine learning and algorithm will bring a more advanced AI in these sectors.

  1. Security concerning the Internet of Things (IoT)


Our growing inter-connectivity with people, services, devices, and content is what we call an intelligent digital mesh. These things constitute new business models and generate more possibilities that are already transforming the way we live in this world. But this growing inter-connectivity is what poses a greater risk to the security of IoT.

The moment you log on to anything involving the internet, you become vulnerable. The way IoT devices are growing, our security is getting thinner. According to a report, nearly half a billion IoT devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks due to a security flaw known as DNS rebinding. This vulnerability in IoT allows an attacker to bypass a network firewall and use the victim’s web browser to access other devices on the network. Add to this some gray areas including default configuration, unidentified backdoors, and weak passwords and you have a perfect situation for a security catastrophe.


  1. Augmented Reality (AR)


Augmented reality will continue to undergo changes. When combined with virtual reality and mixed reality, these three technologies together will continue to be the face of tech innovation during the year 2020. AR creates systems that combine 3D vision, location data, sound, and haptic engine to enable people to immerse themselves in a virtual world around them. There will again be some fascinating new applications of AR in different industries.

AR, VR, and MR all combine to form R+ which will serve as a useful tool in industries such as manufacturing, engineering design, space, and healthcare. Virtual reality will open up new avenues for industries and it will change the way people collaborate across the world.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain technology took the world by storm due to the fortunes of digital currency Bitcoin. 2020 might see the use of Blockchain technology in the enterprise application. It will be used by the market innovators to improve collaboration and provide a secure system for recording and verifying electronic transactions. It is hoped that this technology will come out of cryptocurrency influence and become a major part of the business platform. As a result, business transactions will be transparent and safe. You can read more tech related stuff at