People want to be with their loved ones for as long as they can. But sometimes it becomes impossible to follow each other everywhere for many reasons. If you also want your loved ones to have a part of yourself whenever they go somewhere, then, the best idea to stay closer is to give something to them. A little gift will keep him/her reminded of you.

You will have to think about what kind of gift your special someone will love. Moreover, think of something that your special one will need in everyday life. For example, if the person loves to travel then you will have to think about travel gift ideas. If you are looking for a unique travel gift online then you have come to the right place. We have a wide variety of gifts that will fascinate travellers. Read this article carefully to explore those unique gifts from us.

  • Adventure Map Magnet

If you love to travel then there must be some places that you love to visit the most. You can use these adventure map magnets as a nostalgic reminder of those amazing places that you have been to or have a dream of visiting. There are four slots in this magnet – one for each destination. In each slot, you can attach 2-4 photographs of your tour to that place. Additionally, you will get a complementary marker pen with this Magnet Map to scribble the location. Furthermore, you can keep changing the pictures whenever you want as 8-16 pictures can be customized in this Map Magnet.


  • Travel Addict Mug

This mug is for people to whom travel means love. If your beloved is excited about travelling then you can give this surprise to that person. It comes with a stylish marker pen with which your special one can write about their vacations. This will keep their travel excitement alive. This coffee mug has a capacity of 330 ml. Moreover, the mug is microwave safe and rewritable that makes it unique. We will send this mug in a safely packaged gift-wrapped cardboard box. Additionally, the free marker pen will come inside the box as well.


  • LED World Map

There are two kinds of travel lovers in this world. First are the people who have travelled a lot and the other ones who have not travelled much but have a huge list of their dream places to visit. This gift is to please both the travel lovers. It acts as a reminder that the world belongs to them. This LED World Map is printed on canvas and decorated with LED lights to make it uniquely beautiful. On the bottom of the map, it is written: “Travel, for the world, belongs to you.” What can be more inspirational than this quote for a travel lover? One can light up the map just at a push of a button. The size of the map is A3 and it requires only 2 pencil batteries to light up itself. Thus, your special one can easily change the batteries to keep it glint.

  • World On My Bucket List

Being a travel lover, you must have watched the Hollywood movie UP. This gift is an amazing way to make your travel bucket list inspired by the movie. This is a world map that is rounded off with a little Wooden house that works as a pin holder. The colourful tiny pins look like balloons on the map. The pins can be attached over all the places that one has been to or has dreams of going. Gift this amazing map to your beloved and with time the colours on the map will simultaneously increase with his/her travel plans.

All the aforementioned gifts will surely delight the soul of a travel lover. There is a wide range of other gifts for travel lovers on Oye Happy. If you are looking for Travel gifts online then you will find hardly any website other than Oye Happy. Therefore, don’t waste your time looking for special gifts for a special person at any other place.