When it comes to an office space, there are few important things that are supposed to be taken care of. Lighting is a very important part of this.

If a commercial space has no proper lighting arrangements, then there can be a lot of issues and work problems. Many people go for commercial LED lightings these days but before zeroing down into any decision one needs to know the basics of commercial lighting. To make it a success one needs to meet a few requirements. The lighting that one does needs to be effective and it has to be energy efficient as well. There should be lower utility cost as well.

When it comes to office lightings or specifically LED office lightings then there are three things that come to one’s mind. They are incandescent light settings, fluorescent light settings and compact light settings.

  • Incandescent is the most less used in the above mentioned three types of light settings. These types of lights are mostly found in old fixtures and models. They have less energy and also burn hotter resulting into consumption of more energy. They also have a short life rating. But these lights do have a benefit. It comes out to full lumen output as compared to fluorescent lights. They are also environment friendly because of the filament that is present inside is made from tungsten. Tungsten is a non dangerous metal and on the other hand, the fluorescent lights use mercury. Incandescent is mainly available in decorative bulbs and this makes it prone to accent kind of lighting instead of general lightings.
  • When it is compared to incandescent lightings, compact lighting is far superior. These last at least 20 times longer than the incandescent. They also burn at a cooler temperature and they offer a higher lumen output. But the compact fluorescent lights mostly use mercury and they are more prone to flickering. But the CFL’s do offer a widespread scope of illumination. They are also very easy to install and replace.
  • LED’s are said to be the best option for lightings available at present. They are the longest lasting option that one can think of when it comes to lighting. They mostly operate at the coolest temperature and pull very low wattages. But at the same time, they have high lumen outputs. But yes, this type of lighting has a higher cost. The initial cost of buying and installing them is on a higher end but it lasts longer and so it becomes a good investment. LED’s are also available in a lot of models that are perfect for office lighting such can bubs, rope lighting, tubes and many more.

When one is thinking about commercial ceiling lights, they should consider the varieties of ceiling lights that are available in the market and then zero down to an option. One also needs to check the energy consumption, output and of course the cost of the light. Also one needs to check how well it matches the room.