Quite a number of designs are available when it comes to modular kitchen designs. However, that number decreases if you are living in Kolkata as most houses come with small kitchen spaces. Hence, you need a modular kitchen interior layout designer in Kolkata. The two best modular kitchen styles that are ideal for small apartments include straight and L-shaped types. Have a look at these both in detail!

  1. Straight layout kitchen

This is a simple design that people can implement if the apartment has a small space for setting up a kitchen. Experts say that this type of design is ideal for loft or studio apartments as well as any other house where a kitchen is used minimally. This straight layout requires minimum area but also offers maximum efficiency.

This layout comes in numerous designs that can be easily matched with the entire interior of the house. However, to do so, it is better to hire professionals and make them clear as to what you desire for your kitchen.

This layout can be made to look modern as well as traditional depending on what an individual wants and is one of the most common layouts that people opt for due to its simplicity and practicality along with hints of elegant style.

  1. L-shaped kitchen

Apart from the straight layout, L-shaped is another kitchen design that people can opt for even in small apartments. This is the ultimate style for small homes in Kolkata as it is known for using maximum utilization of area available for setting up a kitchen. Also, it not only offers maximum possible storage but also offers a chance of adding a dining table (small) if correctly created by experts.

Also, this kitchen style is ideal if you want to incorporate a home office in your kitchen area, which is quite common in Kolkata. On one side the entire kitchen is created, while adjacent to it one can easily create a small home office. However, to get the best designs for such a kitchen cum home office for your house in Kolkata, you will need to consult affordable home office interior designers in Kolkata.

Other aspects to set up a kitchen in small apartments

Apart from the kitchen layout, you need to keep in mind a few other things too, if your apartment is small. These include things like:

  • Extend cabinets to ceiling

One of the best aspects about having the aforementioned layouts; people can choose to have their cabinets extended vertically to the ceiling. This allows even small apartments to have kitchens with ample storage.

  • Pot racks

Pot racks take minimum area to set up and can hold all essential items for everyday kitchen use easily with a few pots.

  • Open shelves

Open shelves also allow people to have access to ample storage space and it looks aesthetically pleasing for a straight layout kitchen design.

  • Pull-out drawers

Lastly, pull-out drawers also offer massive storage (more than cabinets) and provide easy access to an individual who uses the kitchen.

If you want to know more about designs that can be opted for a kitchen in your small apartment, simply get in touch with a professional immediately.