When given by an experienced and certified therapist, outpatient occupational therapy in Lansing Michigan can help cope with problems related to mobility, seating, fatigue, pain management and a lot more. However, we are not going to address the benefits and drawbacks of outpatient occupational therapy. This article is for one who delivers the therapy. So, let’s see what is occupational therapy burnout and what are its signs and symptoms?

Occupational therapy burnout is a state of stress leading to emotional and physical exhaustion, detachment and cynicism. This is related to the feeling of lack of accomplishment and ineffectiveness.

Occupational therapy burnout sounds terrible but many of the therapists are familiar with it. This can act as a barrier between you and your day-to-day activities and productivity in healthcare. In a normal day, a therapist has to run around, get their units, take care of documentation requirements, deal with negativity around them and a lot more. So, at the end of the day and sometimes even in the middle of the day, burnout is expected.

Signs And Symptoms Of Occupational Therapy Burnout

Occupational therapy burnout, it is not a clinical diagnosis. It just affects your day to day activities and even well being. There is not any pill you can pop and get it fixed. You can prevent it. However, in this article, let’s see the signs and symptoms only.

You are feeling detached from your patients

You are sitting by the side of a patient screaming in pain in his bed. And, you are thinking about telling the patients to deal with it. Or, you have no feeling at all. You keep on working with the patient just like a robot. This is troublesome.

Least interest in a growing career

There was a time when you were the most successful performer. You were not only taking care of the patients but also tutoring younger students. You were winning awards back then. However, you are not only a little less successful but also not attending any in-person course for further growth in the career. 

Lack of motivation

You feel that there is nothing to learn in the current settings or you are not interested in learning anything new. You are feeling physically ill. You are thinking about changing your job.

Chronic fatigue

At the end of the day, you show reluctance to the gym. You are left with no energy to engage with family and have some fun with your kids in the backyard. You are always tired.

Depression or Anxiety

There is always a sense of impending doom. You even feel that getting out of the bed is very challenging. You are not enjoying your weekends. You only thing you think about is Monday. The only thing you know is that you will have to get back to work tomorrow.

If you are a therapist offering outpatient occupational therapy in Lansing Michigan, find the best method to deal with Occupational therapy burnout.