We can make our packages attractive by manufacturing them from a secure and organic material. After charmingly customizing our packages. What else could we do to make them more professional? Well, how about inserts? Packaging inserts might not be a common thing in a sleeve case. But we can do so when we wish to sell our sweets in them. In this way, each unit would be intact in its place. And these items would not get crushed into one another. It also enhances the look of our items placed in sleeves packages. Such unique features of a packaging box can increase our sales. The more uniquely we sell and display our products, the more customers would be impressed.

What are sleeve boxes:

Sleeve boxes cases are known all around the world because of their unique shape and size. They can get manufactured in various sizes and themes. This packaging case contains a box in which we place the item. And we slide the container into its outer cover. This packaging case is secure yet distinctive, which makes it even more special. We can use it for many purposes. You can use it to place our ornaments, earnings, sweets, and many other items. The sleeve packaging cases of larger size are getting used as a shoebox or as a watch box. It does not matter which product you own or sell. You can use this box to increase your sales.

Advantages of having a sleeve box:

These packages could not only protect the product from dust or chemicals. But these packages also help us to keep our belongings in a safe place. We spend dollars to purchase a product and what would happen if it gets affected by dust or moisture. But we could avoid such a situation by using protective cases that can serve as a storage box. Other than that, we could use our empty sleeve box to store other belongings. For example, we can put our stationery items in them. Or we can keep jewelry items in them such as earrings. And in this way, we could keep them in one place safe from dust.

How to make your sleeve packaging boxes attractive:

We can make our packages attractive by customizing them with printing techniques: There are various printing techniques to customize your packaging cases. But we would only be discussing some of them.

Screen printing:

In screen printing, we use water-based ink and smear it all around the surface. As the ink has low-viscosity, it gets absorbed into the package surface. And it makes the design appear smooth and precise. Water-based ink has low-viscosity, and it makes it easy for us to smear it on the surface. But we would also have to control its flow. To do so, we could use blocking equipment.


In the process of flexography, we use a relief plate. Flexography was known as letterpress and later was revolutionized with high-speed rotary functionality. IT is the quickest type of printing technique that is used for the customization of various materials. Whether it’s cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes you can customize your packaging cases with this technique.


In this method, we carve in the design in our Sleeve Boxes. The carved surface then gets filled with pigments and foils. You can use silver, gold, or aluminum foil. This method can be used for the customization of the brand logo or slogan. It can highlight a particular area and make the customer more attentive to it. This method is used when brands want to highlight some text, such as warning statements on the box.


Embossing is a technique that gives a 3-D appearance to our packages. In this technique, a specific area of the facade is puffed out and is colored. You can also use metalized foils to customize the puffed-out space. And can give it a unique look. This method is popular among brands that want to make their brand more visible.

How sleeves packaging cases improve our sales:

Sleeve packaging improves our sales due to the following reasons:

These packaging cases are of unusual shape. Whenever a customer looks at something unique, he cannot restrain himself from acquiring the item. As long as the package attracts the customer does not have to worry about ourselves.

These packaging cases are getting for numerous purposes. Other than that, it is also getting manufactured in various shapes and sizes. It offers variety, and hence we can reuse the packaging box again. It means that we can recycle the packaging box. And can use it to place and store other products. These packaging cases are organic. They get manufactured from cardboard and paperboards. In this way, they do not impose any harm on the environment. And we can impress our clients with our organic packages. These packaging cases are customizable.

Personalize your boxes:

We can personalize them with any theme, design, and pattern. And we can do so with the help of various printing techniques. These packaging cases promote the brand. As we discussed that these packages have a unique shape, they impress the client at a first glimpse. And if the client did not purchase the item, he must have seen the logo imprinted on the box. In this way, every passer-by can see the trademark, and our brand would get advertised.

Now use these boxes to increase the demand for your products all around the world.