Sleeping under the starlit sky may seem fascinating and also impractical for the regular urban dwellers. But anyone can use some spectacular tapestries on the ceiling to create the same magical experience.  Boho Tapestries comes in all kinds of fabric, colors and prints. The very first step is to choose the tapestries that you like and decide the right place in the room to display it. A variety of moon tapestries, sun and moon tapestries, tapestries with cosmic imagery, mandala tapestries are available that can be used to decorate your room’s ceiling.

You can be carefree and use these bohemian tapestries to create a ceiling décor of your choice. But before you get creative, make sure you have the essential tools handy. Have a look on these few tips to start with, before you style wall tapestries on ceiling:

  • Choose the right fabric as per your requirement- Tapestries made with light and thin fabric are suitable for making drapes, pleats and sticking with tapes or removable hooks. Heavy tapestries should be hung on the ceiling using sturdy rods, nails to give proper support without damaging the fabric. Fine prints and thin textile allows the subtle light to pass through the tapestries. Heavy or woven tapestries are not very flexible to style and it is suggested to use canvas or any plywood /foam core mounting to add extra support when it is hung to the ceiling.
  • Adhesives and tapes – Use good quality adhesive solutions and adhesive backed strips ,glue guns and tapes  to stick tapestry on a ceiling. Spread the tapestry neatly and apply the adhesive or tape on its wrong side/opposite side at the edges or by making grids for extra support. You can also use Vel-crow strips to paste lightweight tapestries.  Place the tapestries carefully and press the adhesive to stick to the ceiling.
  • Nails and pushpins – Drill a wall nail or fix hooks  on the ceilings where you have to place the tapestry.  You can even use push pins for not too hard surfaces. For uneven surfaces like popcorn ceilings or rough plasters,  avoid adhesives and use nails and hooks to hang tapestries.  A boho tip is to create small hanging loops stitched to edges and corners  of tapestry to hang it as per convenience.
  • Rods and dowels – Tapestry rods are available, but if you cannot find it then create your own. Measure the dimensions, the rod should be 4 inches longer than the length of tapestry. You can also use a dowel to hang the tapestry. Stitch a rod pocket on the sides of your tapestry, slide the rod through it. Install the rod, or a dowel up on the ceiling using holders or fixtures.

Here are some of our favourite styles  to use tapestries on ceiling:

Tapestry as a Canopy

The easiest way is to use the bohemian tapestries  as a cover over your beds hanging from the ceiling. A canopy made with tapestry can be made in different variations. You can either attach all the edges of the tapestry on the ceiling or let it half down in a slanting position. Tapestry canopies can be used on dorm ceilings or on a cabin roof to make a cosy corner filled with beauty and warmth.

The Upside down Dome on the Ceiling

Stick the sides of the tapestry neatly to the ceiling using tapes or nails. Do not stretch the tapestry flat. Keep the tapestry drooping at the centre. This will create an upside down dome-like shape. Now, push a small area of fabric from the centre of the tapestry towards the ceiling and secure with push pins, tapes or hang on pre-installed hooks. A beautiful curved form will be created and you can decorate further by adding hangings in the centre. We strongly advise to use the mandala tapestries like the floral mandala or the dream catcher mandala tapestry to achieve this look.

The Cave or a Tapestry Tent

Hang the tapestries on the ceiling  to make  lateral walls and add another tapestry on top as a canopy. And there you go! A tapestry cave of your own. It looks mystical and comfortable, appropriate for those who wish to create their own private dens in small spaces. Use contrasting colours or work with similar tones and patterns of tapestry on the ceiling to create your signature style.

A camping style tent can be made with vibrant tapestries. Take a wooden strip or a rod according to the measurement of your tapestry. Fix it on the ceiling, aligning to the centre of your bed.  Now, you can either use two tapestries or use a single tapestry folded from centre to depict the slopes of the tent.  Raise one slope side of the tapestry higher and attach it to the ceiling.  Let the lowered side fall in a steep angle or, you can fix the side on the adjacent walls or on the bed frame. Repeat the same with the other slope and there it is! A tent-like tapestry attached to the ceiling will set the perfect hippie mood.

Drapes and Pleats

Tapestry decorations on the ceilings can be done using different types of drapes and designs by adding pleats and layers. Add lights, tassels, wall hangings or fringes to make the tapestries look more vivid and interesting. Mix all textures and styles of tapestries and create the formations that suit your décor.