Dick Tracy was a famous comedian of the 1940s. One of the things that made a spy different from other comedians of his time was his knowledge of technology. The two-way communication clock is one of the devices that has been a recurring feature in all its comics. It could be the forerunner of Dick Tracy’s comic book, which we know today as the smartwatches for texts.

Smartwatches: keep up with the times

Our relationship is one where the line between science fiction and science blurs. We expect smart watches or watch phones to become a reality in a few days. Japanese watch brands such as Seiko have examples of prototypes of these watches from the 1970s. They can calculate prototypes but very superficially.

These watches have become an important tool in spy movies. But with the advancement of technology, these ideas have sunk into the sand of time. The technology became controversial at the end of the millennium when IBM teamed up with Citizen Watch to develop a Linux-based prototype for this type of watch. But today that idea has been removed from the art table.

Today in 2013 we see a completely different picture. Mobile phone companies are preparing to make a big change in the concept of watch phone this year. Whether it’s Apple, Google, Samsung or Sony, they bring their own smartwatch brand that can gain market share from pre-installed tablets. This article will focus on the various ghosts of smartwatches from different technology companies like Apple, Samsung and Sony.

Smartwatches: what to expect from them.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Priced at $ 299, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has a number of features that appeal to both Android users and non-Android users. With a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels and a 1.6-inch image viewer, this smartwatch has a lot to offer consumers. The watch shows vibrant colors and high contrast. With a built-in microphone and speaker, users will be able to talk directly with the help of a watch. Photo enthusiasts need a 1.9 megapixel camera and 720p HD video recorder.

With 4GB of storage space, this watch can easily run small local applications at this time. With intuitive intelligent personal help like S-Voice, the user can easily give voice commands on the go. This discrepancy will inevitably allow mobile app developers to create more apps, especially those that meet the clock.

But the biggest downside of the smartwatch is that it can only be paired with the Galaxy Note 3, a new entry into the Samsung Galaxy family.

Sony SmartWatch 2

When it comes to smartwatches, Sony’s Smartwatch 2 is far inferior to its Samsung counterpart. With a 1.63-inch viewer, the resolution of the Sony Smartwatch is 220×176 pixels. The watch’s LCD screen prevents the user from losing sight during the day.

Sony Smartwatch failed with the first iteration but this time Sony has filled the phone with many things. The touch screen UI, weather sliding widget, Facebook, Twitter as well as phone alerts have all been transformed into one. This watch is compatible with other Android phones. But the biggest disadvantage of Sony Smartwatch is that it does not have microphone and speaker compatibility. In that case, users have to pull out the phone to use it.

Sony has integrated NFC technology with its smartwatch. With NFC or Nearfield technology, if you put your phone in the wrong place, you’ll be able to find it instantly.

The biggest advantage of this watch is that it is dust or water resistant like Sony’s flagship mobile phone Xperia

iWatch or Apple’s smartwatch

The version of Apple’s smartwatch is still rumored. Apple Labs is talking about developing a wrist-like device that runs on iOS software. It is rumored that this device is not only compatible with our personal desktop computers but also with other devices that are yet to come. But one thing is for sure, this watch will run on iOS7 or a higher version of Apple OS.

As it is still n its prenatal stage, much more can be expected from Apple Technologies. Fake, Apple will add many of its flagship products to the watch. Nothing has come up yet.


With a 1.26-inch ePaper display, Pebble is considered the biggest competitor against smartphone companies like Sony, Samsung, and perhaps Apple.