Tell us, what makes you a completely perfect driver? Well, it’s certainly not just driving at 100 kilometres per hour without any squeaks and brakes! We consider it much more than that! Like parking your car wisely, for instance!  And believe us when we say that lots of cars do get damaged because you don’t park your car wisely. And you definitely can’t call yourself a great driver if you don’t park your car perfectly well!

Ø  These parking mistakes that should be avoided at all costs! 

At times when you are parking wrongly, your car bears a slight dent and scratch. While sometimes the issue can become severe and you are caught by the police. Or, you commit some parking mistakes that damage your car so drastically that you have to give it in exchange for cash for cars in Wellington to Mega Car Collection. They accept your damaged cars and recycle them so that they can benefit the environment in some ways, and you get some money in exchange for this car.

o   Wrong side parking —Mostly, there’s always a sign defining the side of the road you should park your car at. And most probably it will be on the right side. So, if you park on the left side, your car is bound to get bumped due to this wrong parking.


o   Choosing very small places — It is no use trying to fit your car in a very small and cramped parking area. You aren’t just blocking the ways for other cars to enter the parking space, but it may also damage your car when you try to remove it from this space. So, try and park in a nice, broader area!

o   Using the pedestrian side for parking the car — We all know there is a special side of the road reserved for the pedestrians. But the biggest mistake you make while parking your car is, you use this pedestrian side to park it. This can lead to lots of issues for the pedestrians and you can be ready for a severe penalisation by the officials due to it.

o   Double parking your car — Double parking the cars is clearly a crime. If you park your car behind a line of already parked cars and create a cluttered mess in that area, you aren’t just leading to lots of trouble, but you are even blocking the space that might be for another usage or even your regular driving road.

o   Incorrect car position — Do you have this habit of positioning your car in the wrong direction? Well, let us tell you, it is a habit that most of the time traps you in a parking area. Don’t ever commit this mistake! You will have to take lots of pains to get your vehicle out of this area and get moving properly.


If you just try avoiding these parking mistakes, you will have your car safer for longer and it will stay free of any penalisation and punishment. And on top of all these, you serve your duty as a response citizen nicely by parking your vehicle wisely.