It is no doubt an unfortunate situation and can happen anywhere, anytime! But you should be aware that tyre burst isn’t something good. In fact, it has some drastic results that can cost you your car and even your life. This is the reason you have to be aware of each and every information about tyre bursts. From the reasons that cause the situation to how to handle this tragedy and even what you have to do after the tyre bursts!

Ø  Essential information about tyre bursts

Tyre bursts basically means the bursting of your tyres suddenly. And believe us, this can be a very common cause of drastic road accidents. Yes, due to the recent technological developments there are tyres which don’t normally burst, but you never know when the situation might be happening with your car and that is why it is always better to be warned about the problem. So, read about all the necessary information about tyre bursts below:

o   How do you know if your car tyres have busted? — When your car tyre bursts, you will feel as if there’s an explosion in your tyres. Or sometimes the car gives out a whoosh type of sound. Even if you are not able to catch the sound that happens during a tyre bursting, you can notice the movement of the car. Mostly, the car gets cornered to one side and its balance also gets dicey.

o   What are the reasons for a tyre burst? — There can be various reasons why tyres burst. The most common one is due to the high temperature outside. Even if your car’s engine is heated, it impacts the life of the tyres. You can also face this situation if your tyres are too old or of not that good quality or you’re driving the vehicle at a very high speed.

o   What to do if you face a tyre burst between your drive? — Whenever you face such a situation when you are driving a car and tyre bursts, we request you to not to panic. Secondly, don’t press the brakes. Often this is the first thing that you do which is actually very much wrong. You might disturb the balance of the car by pressing the brake suddenly. Instead, try to control the acceleration of the vehicle and lower the speed. Gradually corner the vehicle at one side and come to a subtle halt. Next, you can contact a mechanic nearby to deal with a situation.


o   How to bring the vehicle back to action after a tyre bursting incident — If your car hasn’t faced an accident due to the bursting of the car and everything is in good condition, then you just need to replace the tyres with new ones. There are good companies like Best New Tyre providing wheel alignment in Auckland along with new tyres which are of excellent quality as well. They will also double check the proper alignment of the wheels after installing the tyre perfectly in your vehicle. And if the car has faced other damages, then you should also get it repaired along with changing of the tyres.

We hope now you know everything important about tyre bursting and are ready to drive your vehicle without any fear and confusion about this situation.