Punjab is a developing state. Punjab’s diversity and distinctiveness may be seen in its poetry, spirituality, education, artistry, music, cuisine, architecture, and traditions. The economic and social condition of Punjab is improving at a greater pace. Under the supervision of the government, Punjab is developing. Most of Punjab’s development is supervised by the public welfare department. The public welfare department is the government department that works for the well-being of the people. They work for the social interest of the people. The process of transforming social policy into social services, as well as the use of experience in reviewing and revising social policy, is known as public welfare administration. The public welfare department of Punjab supervises and ensures the development of punjab.

Good leadership- Mr.Vijay Inder Singla

Punjab is developing under the leadership of Mr. Vijay Inder Singh Singla. Dedicatedly managing all the work of the Public welfare department. The public Welfare Department works to implement the schemes made by the government. This department implements schemes like scholarship, widow and old-age pension. Thus the person who manages it should be trustworthy and hardworking. vijay inder singla punjab is an Indian politician. He is a Punjab Legislative Assemblymember. Moreover, He is a member of the Punjab government’s current council of ministers and is in charge of the Public Works Department and Administrative Reforms. Under Vijay Inder Singla leadership the Punjab development can be witnessed.

What does the public welfare department focus on?

Public welfare primarily conducts programs for the underprivileged. In addition, the department runs a scholarship program for young people, as well as programs for disabled people from SC, ST, and OBC backgrounds. Approximately five lakh pupils have received scholarships from the department so far. Moreover, the infrastructure of punjab is managed by the public welfare department such as the construction of roads and bridges. Performs the work of the organization’s objectives, policies, programs, budget, client selection, worker selection, staff selection. Also evaluates services. The objectives of the social institution are achieved by it. The administration is based on democratic principles.

What does the public welfare department require?

The majority of public work is done in public institutions, departments, or allied organizations, such as hospitals, courts, schools, and correctional and penal facilities. As a result, an understanding of social welfare administration is required of the worker. Public welfare administration enacts social legislation through government institutions and changes laws, rules, and controls to serve the public interest.

What are the skills required for public welfare?

Public welfare administration is similar to general administration in terms of practice. However, efforts are made to solve human problems and meet human wants in this. As a result, the administrator must have specialized knowledge. To do so, one must be conversant with social work’s ideology, aims, and programmes. It necessitates an understanding of social work methodologies, social diagnosis methods, group and individual needs, and their relationships to organizations, among other things. The State shall ensure the promotion of public welfare by developing and protecting as efficiently as possible such a social order in which social, economic, and political fairness motivates all aspects of national life.