Our mothers are the greatest blessing of our life. We possibly couldn’t imagine our lives without her. She is, hence we are! From taking care of us to helping us become the very best version of ourselves, our mothers have been our pillar of strength, love and care. Hence, it goes even without mentioning how special we need to make them feel on the upcoming occasion of mother’s day. Every second Sunday of May is a very special day for every offspring out there as it’s one such special occasion to honour their mommies. They drop some major hints with some mothers day flower bouquets and other such thoughtful gifts to cheer up their Mamas! Talking about mothers day flowers we have to mention how beautifully some flowers emote some of our deepest feelings/emotions of the world. Our words would not have conveyed these golden feelings in front of our mothers as perfectly as these flowers. Let’s get to know what these special mother’s day flowers are and start shopping for them, right away. You will be able to find each of these beautiful florals easily at your nearest flower market or at your personal florist’s store. What are we waiting for? Read on to find out more!


  • Orchids – When it comes to gifting something precious or exotic to your mother, then it has to be some orchids. Orchids are one such beautiful kind of flowers that leaves the recipient speechless with their beautiful appeal and its even more beautiful symbolism. Orchids are said to represent loving one another throughout difficult times, beauty, poise, femininity, luxury and affection. Often orchids are gifted to appreciate one’s boldness and to try out something new. As mothers sacrifice their happiness for us, orchids make a perfect choice of flower for them.
  • Carnations- Carnations are said to make a perfect symbolisation of mothers. They come in different colours and tend to symbolise different qualities related to the mother. For instance, pink carnations are said to represent motherly love whereas white carnations are said to represent pure or unconditional love and good luck – both of which makes an excellent choice of mothers day flowers. Don’t you think?
  • Chrysanthemums – If you wish to pamper your mother with some practical flowers, then chrysanthemums make an excellent choice of flowers to be gifted on Mother’s day. Symbolising optimism and joy, a bright bundle of chrysanthemums is sure to cheer up your mother effortlessly. They come in beautiful colours ranging from pink, orange, gold, maroon, violet and purple.
  • Lilies – Want to bless your Mama with joy and inspiration? Then, lilies seem to make a great choice of flowers for Mother’s Day. This regal floral beauty is said to symbolize a variety of thoughts and emotions, as per its colours and types. Lilies are said to represent humility and devotion which is what marks it an incredible mother’s day flower.
  • Sunflowers – For you, she is the ultimate source of sunshine in your life. So, make sure you let her know with an awesome bunch of garden-fresh sunflowers, this Mother’s Day. Sunflowers are sure to brighten up your mother’s day celebrations with their bright and cheery, warm yet inviting appeal. So without any further second thoughts, gift your mother a bunch of sunflowers to make her heart smile.
  • Roses – From Valentine’s day to birthday to anniversaries, roses are the most versatile flowers of all times. Hence it even makes a suitable flower for mother’s day celebrations. Roses are one of the most popular choices of flowers which are predominantly known for their beautiful colour, appeal and symbolism. It has got a magical effect on every human’s mind and heart. It speaks of one’s heart in the most heartwarming manner in front of another. Roses come in different colours like red, pink, yellow, black, blue, white, corals and other such shades – each of which represents some beautiful meaning. To pass some warm regards you can gift a bouquet of mixed roses to show your deepest love.
  • Tulips – Purple tulips represent royalty, whereas white tulips stand for romantic love. Pink tulips are said to represent affection and white usually represent cheerfulness. No matter what colour of tulip you are planning to gift your mother, it will always bring joy to her as tulips are spring flowers and quite just like the spring season it has a magical effect on everyone. Get ready to send some garden fresh tulips to your mum.


So, what’s your pick going to be?