There are a lot of different visa categories, and a foreign citizen needs one of them for a specific purpose in order to get admission to the United States. The law in the United States has an account of different kinds of Visa. Apart from this, there is the investor visa, the student visa, and visas also for religious workers. Today we will discuss some of the frequently used categories of visa as a general account.

  • The tourist or the visitor visa is the most common kind of temporary visa. The tourist visa is available to every visitor who visits the United States for business or on tour purpose. The B-1 class of business visitor visa is for the guests who travel to the United States for a very short duration, and not for any local employment. However, there are certain countries who are already in a treaty with the United States. Hence the citizens of those countries do not require a visa for a maximum of 90 days at a stretch, to stay there.
  • Various traders and investors from the country which has a pre-commercial accord with the United States might get a visit Canada visa to keep their business going there. However as I already said, such a thing is only possible when the home country of the E-1 class traders and their workers in such organizations are in a business pact with the US, giving out eligibility for different types of Visas.
  • Those who want to pursue a full course in any subject or complete their studies abroad can opt for a visa in those countries. Canada visitor visa online application is quite different from the applications for the F-1 and M-1 student visa. If you want to study in a school, college or university in the United States, you must be eligible for the visa application first, even you have got an invitation from the university to study there. Check out the eligibility criteria before you apply for a visa there. Because if your visa application is rejected, your invitation will be abandoned no matter what. Just like some colleges and universities there require you to participate in a practical training class, in that particular field of study, for a short duration of time, before you are made eligible to study in that college, in the same way, you must be eligible for the visa application to be granted to you.

H-1B category of visa for professionals in a particular field of occupation also require professional or specialty occupation visa, to get paid for the work they do abroad. This means that if you are a professional worker and you have the minimum of bachelor or equivalent degree in a field, and associated work experience, you should have a visa so that you get the prevalent standard wage for the work you do. If your employer cannot demonstrate your non-immigrant visa to the foreign officials, you won’t get the payment for your job and also won’t be allowed to work.