The government of Europe has been able to take an appropriate measure to protect its citizen from medical emergencies. While travelling to a new destination we often get stuck in an emergency situation. However, UK government have closely thought of such a situation and so they have introduced the EHIC card. This card is helping hand towards the people who are in need of a treatment in an unknown place.

How To Get EHIC?

If you are a citizen of EEA countries then you are liable to receive this card with expert advice. However, there are certain components associated with the insurance card. It is to be considered that this card guarantees you medical treatment only touring within the boundary of Europe. A citizen of Europe can obtain this card by filling up the EHIC application form. It is available at the official website of EHIC.

How to Use It?

It is a question that might entrap your mind after knowing about this health card. While travelling to an EU country one need to carry their cards. At the time of emergency, you have to show the card to the doctor for obtaining the medical benefits. Each and every EU country has specified the different set of rules for its usage.

You will find that some countries medical treatment are free while in some others you have to pay for your medical treatment and later you can reclaim for the amount. A card user is required to pay at least 30% of the medical costs and it is called patient contribution in some European countries.

How to Get the Card?

The EHIC has simplified rule for their citizens. If you are a resident of European country then you can directly apply for it by completing the form which is available on the website. The EHIC application will contain the following detail and it is to be filled up completely as incomplete applications are not accepted.

  • Open the EHIC website
  • You will find a form
  • Fill up the personal details
  • Provide NHS number
  • Submit it

The above-mentioned steps are to be followed for getting all the medical claims. However, you have to make sure that in case of an amendment in your permanent address or any other detail it is recommended to inform the officials.

Do I Need to Renew It?

One of the most important facts which are associated with this free card is its validity. It is valid for five years and for continuing with its benefits it is to be renewed on time. The renewal process should begin six months before its validity period. Suppose you are carrying an invalid card then you are not eligible to claim any medical benefit. You have to again fill up a renewal form.

Thus, it can be said that with the help of the EHIC card the citizen of Europe can freely claim for the medical costs. It can be said that life of people is safeguarded with its use. However, you have to go through the rules and regulations of this health card.