Sounds like fun to some people when they hear that skateboarding is also beneficial for our health. But Michele Olson who is the professor of exercise science at Auburn University in Alabama refers in his Ph.D. that skateboarding has also health benefits like other cardio exercises. Although we are not doing the tricks or not playing extreme skateboard sports, we still can burn our calories.

Kids playing skateboard for a decade as their popular sports. But the evolution of skateboard has been running for many years. Apart from using skateboards for only sports things we can also use it as a better transport for short distance. And this way we can see skateboard is also beneficial for social life.
Let get to the point how skateboarding is beneficial for health and social life.

Helps to body workout:

Every sort of physical activities is body workout. Whether we are doing exercise in the gym or running or cycling or swimming these all types of physical activities are done through body movement. When the body moves at a fast pace then it starts burning more calories.
People think that we can’t burn calorie if we are not doing any exercises but we still burn calories daily even we don’t do any physical activities.
Beginners who want to learn skateboarding, they usually use a longboard to learn. And longboard basically is used for roaming and for short distance transportation. But why choose a longboard to burn more calories? Because, on a longboard, you can go to your school or college even office which is quite easy than a typical skateboard and this way you can burn more calories when you are at work. You don’t need to do extra exercises to burn extra calories.
If you want to do skateboard tricks that requires so much effort to learn you can burn more calories than your average calorie burning rates on a skateboard.
The average calorie burning rate in a week for running skateboard daily is 3500. If you reduce your calorie intake in a week for 500 you can reduce 1 to 2 pounds of your body weight.

Helps to learn stability:

We are not much stable on a movable or shaky substance. But a person who knows skateboarding he is much efficient to sand on any type of movable substance. They are so much stable and can control their body from falling.

Works on our legs:

Another benefit of skateboarding or longboarding is that it helps to strengthen our legs. When you push our legs on the surface to run the skateboard or longboard we create so much pressure on our calves. And this way we do our calves’ workout which is most important for strong legs. It also strengthens the hamstring and reduces the fat of quad from the side.

Relief stress and depression:

Our health condition depends on our mental condition. If we feel sick mentally than it will subsequently effect on our body. Here skateboarding and longboarding helps our mind to be healthy. What we do when we feel bored or get mentally depressed? We usually go for walk or do something active to refresh our mind. Skateboarding also helps, in the same way, to refresh our mind because it is also included in the physical activity.
Benefits of skateboarding in social life:
Now as we know skateboarding has numerous benefits for healthy living.

People love skateboarding:

Parents are always concerned about their children. They have a fear that their children will do something wrong by making friendship with bad companions. But as we know a person who keeps himself active in his favorite job he can’t do anything wrong. And drug addiction of kids is the more concerning issue to the parents. When a sportsman involves himself into a sport they don’t take any kind of drugs. Because they know how drugs can destroy their goal.
That’s why every parent should buy their kids skateboard if they love it. Or they should let their kids involved in any other sports because sports teach us to be social.

Skateboarding as fashion:

We are so much fashion conscious especially our kids. Apart from transportation and sports kids also love to use their skateboard as their fashion gear. Kids who love skateboarding they have a competition among their friends to use the trendy and good-looking sticker on the skateboard deck. This adds extra attention to the people who see this. This is how skateboarders are one step forward than us in fashion.

So as we know how skateboarding and longboarding are beneficial to our health and social life we should get one for us too. But as a beginner, we have to know how to do skateboard. For safe skateboarding, we must wear a helmet. As you become a pro skateboarder you can use your helmet as your need.