Cleaning the chimney at our homes is a crucial task, it’s almost neglected all the times, but it is necessary.

Chimney cleaning is a special task we often do by ourselves, but the questions remain, is it safe to do it ourselves?

The answer is NO. You need a professional Chimney Sweep for this task and today, we are going to explain why.

Chimney Sweep is a task which removes coal ash, blockages and other wastage coming from the chimney tube and firepot itself. This cleaning task will ensure a safer operation of your heating system. It takes a small amount of creosote coating to start a chimney fire, and believe us, you don’t want that!

Creosote is a highly combustible substance that creates a coating inside your best kitchen chimney or liner as a wasteful product of burning wood. The size of this coating can be higher if you keep burning wood in a wrong manner or having a burner or stove that is unfit for work. Different woods create different sizes of creosote layers inside chimneys. Creosote reduces the efficiency of your chimney.

We recommend Chimney Inspections should be held once a year.

To ensure that your chimney is working as expected, we recommend that house owners should arrange an annual chimney inspection. If any house owners are using their fireplaces on a regular basis, we have seen that they have a Chimney Cleaning done every year as well. For the safety of your well-being, we recommend getting all your venting systems connected to furnaces and stoves cleaned on a regular basis. Negligence may cost you the worst thing anyone can see – Chimney Fire.

If you use your stoves or fireplaces at very few times, still it is recommended to get them checked once in a year to ensure safety. During these inspections, any defects will be checked for if they need maintenance but not cleaning. If you opt for professional Chimney Sweep, they will put you on their annual cleaning schedules and advise you whenever there is maintenance is required.

When should you get your Chimneys inspected?

There are times when you decide to spare a good time for your home and we are going to tell you which time is better to get your chimneys inspected.

If you haven’t provided much glance at your chimney for more than year, it’s a good time to call your Chimney Sweep now. If you are having any performance issues regarding your chimney or fireplace or even your heating system, or if you have recently moved to a new place, you should schedule an inspection. Do not keep waiting if you are fit for above points, waiting will result into additional Chimney Repairs and unfortunately many times in property losses. Get your Chimney inspected even if you have changed some part of the system to check whether all the other parts are suitable for this new change and it make sure that it won’t make any nuisance in future.

If you have not used your fireplace say like in a long time, bugs and pests have built nests that could clog your ducts or chimney chamber. Normal use will result into normal wear and tear which absolutely requires attention and over several years the decay of the system will eventually require attention and need be, Chimney Repairs. The longer you neglect the maintenance, the more costly the repairs would be. At the end of the day, safety and pricing should match along.

How often do you need to sweep your Chimneys?

This depends a lot on how frequent you use your fireplace or stove. But it is always recommended to get your chimney inspected once in a year as discussed above.  So even if you don’t use your Chimney a lot, birds, bugs and flies like insects may have been using it for you, creating it as unsafe equipment.

In technical language, if your chimney is full with 1/8th part as soot or creosote, it is enough to start a chimney fire and this is very dangerous. Even furnace flue system needs regular maintenance because this is the major part of the venting system.