Indeed wooden blinds are among the most fascinating window blinds in the interior décor world. Wooden blinds usually have two main types, one is standard wooden blinds made entirely with real wood another type is there known as faux wood blinds which are made from faux wood.

Both of them have differences between them, they look quite similar but the services they are providing alongside their beauty are quite different from each other.

The main difference mostly appears at the time of their usage, then people often regret their selection, because due to the variation of material in these two they offer different purposes in different places.

If a real wooden blind is provided well in a specific space doesn’t mean that it going to provide the same in all places, this same goes for faux wood blinds.

So we make a quick but handy guide on real vs faux wood blinds so you close a better deal. We listed some of their main pros and cons so you have a better understanding.

Real Wooden Blinds

Real wooden blinds are one of the most used window blinds options in the world mainly due to the fact that they are real. Basswood is been used often in the manufacturing of these blinds, providing that class and glamour in an eco-friendly tone. As wood is a natural material so it will surely provide that fresh and earthly look to your interior. There are many benefits these blinds enjoy due to real nature but also in some areas they lack providing their full glory.


Pros: Everyone knows how much strength wood has. Wooden blinds are mostly made out of basswood which is the kind of fresh appealing wood type backed with an impressive level of strength. Consider them adding in a crowdy place, you won’t regret it.

Cons: yes, real wooden blinds are handsomely durable but they lack providing that durability in certain places. Due to the fact basswood has small pores around its surfaces which surely make you have benefited of it, but when there is water or any kind of moisture these pores absorbs the water in them and cause the wood to go expand and bend, hence avoid using real wooden blinds in places like the kitchen, bathroom and likewise.

Privacy and Light Control

Pros: Due to their hard nature they block almost all the light coming from outside when fit sharply across the window. Quite mature in maintaining privacy, you can say that they are one of the best in the game regarding privacy, a much better option as compared to those fabric-made window blinds.

Cons: If want privacy with some sort of outside view then wooden blinds lack this. They are hard, allowing almost zero views when closed. Consider fabric-made window blinds for this scenario.


Wood is a great natural insulator. Real wooden blinds are capable enough to protect the interior from outside heat and cold. When they are closed they block almost all the sunlight due to their hard nature they are also good at blocking harmful UV rays without getting faded.


They are much more expensive than faux wood blinds, which is kind of obvious. But doesn’t a bad investment at all. They look much richer and more glamourous than faux wood blinds.


Mostly wood didn’t get damaged by dust but should you clean them often to maintain their rich appeal and they are effortlessly easy to clean. The nightmare for wood is water or any kind of moisture and humidity, so keep them away from these conditions for longer use.

Faux Wood Blinds

Made to provide impressive finishing like real wood blinds. don’t get by the name they look exactly like real wood and in certain areas they even outclass their real counterparts. They have pretty much the same benefits as the real ones. They are often made of high-end polymer materials and the finish looks like real wood.


Pros: They are twice as durable as compared to their real counterparts. The main reason behind this is that the faux wood is waterproof, so no such damage by water. For this fact they can be used in any place you desire. From the kitchen to the bedroom with all their class.

Cons: They are quite impressive in providing resistance to humidity and moisture but they can’t handle too much heat, as their faux wood got wrapped in this situation.

Light and Privacy

Pros: They are the same efficient in maintaining the privacy and providing light control. Due to hardness they also block almost all the light from outside hence can be considered for bedrooms for better sleep.

Cons: As their real counterparts, they also have the same drawback, due to their hard nature, they also block the complete outside view when closed.

Cleaning and Maintenance

They are easy to maintain and clean and don’t even require a sharp schedule of cleaning. If there is a need for proper deep cleaning they outclass the real ones there because they didn’t affect by water at all, thus can be cleaned maturely with water but after cleaning them with water don’t use an air blower with a high level of warm air as they got wrapped by it.


This is one of the main reasons people prefer faux wood blinds over real wooden blinds as their much cheaper than the real ones, providing almost the same class and look like the real wooden blinds.

Are they any good?

Trust me they are timeless. No matter what is trending regarding window coverings they are always going to consider as a standard window blinds option. The services that these are providing at a reasonable price fascinate many. People love earthly and natural-looking stuff no matter what, it’s like the nature of human beings to admire and like natural-looking things, so they are not going anyway so far.