Beyond just adding warmth and comfort to an interior, area rugs are perfect for boosting a room’s style factor. If you are looking for bedroom area rugs, this guide is your pick. While selecting a bedroom area rug, one does not needs to worry about a rug’s durability as they are some of the least trafficked areas of the home.

Selecting the best one can be challenging as many options are available while buying a carpet for your bedroom. To minimize your task of exploring the rug options, we’ve selected some of the best rugs for bedrooms listed below.

Here we’ve listed out the top picks for the bedroom. So let’s dive in! 

Gau Algedi White Area Rug

White is ideal for a light and airy room, but a patterned rug in varying neutral shades will give it a more attractive look. It’s even better if you can match it with pillows and blankets. The Geometric Contemporary Handmade Leather Gau Algedi, White Area Rug, has original hair-on-hide patches with natural hues, creating a zig-zag pattern on the rug. Other than white, we have Algedi Grey and Algedi Beige in leather patches.

Roca Palo Gold Area Rug

Solid Shaggy Tufted Roca Palo Gold Area Rug is another mesmerizing piece among the shaggy rugs. It has swirls with a stunning color palette, and the polyester makes it a durable yet trendy bedroom rug. It’s a classy and, most importantly, a cozy choice for a bedroom, and it also provides the eccentric appeal of vintage styling. You can find varied patterns on the rug created using different fabrics with different densities.

Wako Kista Aqua Area Rug

With this uniquely designed bedroom area rug, you can add art to your floor. Inspired by vintage nomad Moroccan rugs, this Hand-Woven, Scattered Square Geometric Wako Kista Aqua Area Rug draws attention to its design. Done mainly by women artisans, the carpet is ideal for brightening minimalist schemes with a splash of colors. 

Kea Khema 5 Multi Area Rug

Choose a patterned, colorful multi rug to add some personality to a white bedroom. With those vibrant colors in the room, an off-white carpet like Kea Khema will balance the atmosphere. Handwoven with New Zealand wool, this Playful High-Low Line Kea Khema5 Multi is your accent for the bedroom. We have other color options among the Kea Khema Collection at MATLiving.

Solo Twilight Charcoal Area Rug

If you have a color palette in your bedroom, go for a statement Hand-Knotted Solo Twilight Charcoal Area Rug. Choose neutral colors like black and white to avoid clashing with other decors in the room, and your rug is ready to slay. Solo Twilight is an ultra-plush rug, most suitable for low-traffic areas like bedrooms. 

Cosmo Aqua Area Rug

This soft Solo Cosmo Aqua Area Rug invigorates the space. Hand Woven with 100% Polyester, this rug is available in several sizing options with inspiring color choices. Cosmo Aqua gives such fresh vibes when placed in a room that one doesn’t want to leave the space.

Ombre Shaggy Roca Dunes Gray Area Rug

Hand Tufted technique creates the Roca Dunes Gray area rug. It is one of the plush shaggy rugs that have a complementing color palette. Available in several sizing options, the plush feel of Ombre Shaggy Roca Dunes Grey Area Rug is worth walking upon barefooted. Style your bedroom with drapes and furniture that pull in greyish accents to complement the color story.