If you face a back problem a visit to a doctor is a must. If numbers are an indicator nearly 80 % of people suffer from back pain at some point in their life. In majority of the cases the pain is going to eradicate on its own without surgery. Whereas in some other cases proper care in the form of medication and follow up would be called for.

Surgery needs to be the last course of action as far as treatment of spine conditions evolves. This would for spinal conditions in the back or the neck. In case if you have gone for non-evasive form of treatments in the last 5 to 12 months and desired results are not achieved then spine surgery is a viable option. With the level of function along with the symptoms of a patient, your decision for a surgery is something to look forward to.

The medical assistant is going to prescribe the list of instructions that needs to be done before the surgery. Information about the medicines and how a patient would be transported after a surgery are important points to consider. You need to leave all your belongings at home after surgery and do not eat or anything a few hours before the surgery takes place. The moment you enter the premises you are giving a hospital gown. Then a list of tests is conducted in order to certify whether you are safe for the surgery or not. In some cases a series of medicines are injected into the blood stream of a patient. Such is the evolution of these medicines that patients are so relaxed that they are not even aware that a surgery is going to happen.

In case of most patients they are able to walk straight out of bed once surgery is over. This would be on the same day or it could be the following day as well. In the first 6 months the activity would be limited to light exercises and walking around the place. As a patient you are suggested that you do not lift heavy weights and do not climb the stairs on a regular basis. Once 6 months are over you are in a position to resume work.

The moment you opt for a spine surgery the first thought that should strike you is that it would improve the quality of your life. Coupled with the fact that your life needs to be pain free as well.

The best spine surgeons in India reduce the number of risks associated with this surgery. Adverse effects or blood issues could crop up at any point of time during the surgery. The nerves of the spine and if a proper surgeon does not perform the surgery complications can arise. In case of a spinal fusion you may need a surgery.

India happens to be the best choice as some of the well qualified surgeons are found here. Their success rate is on the higher side.