A wooden woodworking bench can last long if it is well maintained. A wooden bench can also provide a sitting and resting place. Having spent a lot of money on your bench, it is important to take good care of it for it to serve you well. There are numerous ways you can maintain your workbench.

Finishing your bench

If your bench has not been finished properly, then it is important to finish it by putting a sealant or finishing coat to increase its life. Before finishing your bench, it is important that you clean it first. You can use a wood cleaner and a brush to clean it. After a thorough cleaning, let the bench dry, stain it and finish with a waterproof finish.

Hardwood bench

You can use teak oil for hardwood preservation. You can ask your woodworking bench maker UK to apply oil professionally on your hardwood bench at least once a year to maintain it because hardwood is very expensive.

Rustic benches

Some people prefer their wooden bench to weather and age naturally. The colour of the wood will turn soft silver-grey naturally. It is important to note that weathering does not affect the performance of the wood. Make sure to use preservatives on softwood benches. However, you still need to clean your bench yearly by using soapy water and a brush.

Weekly cleaning

You can keep your wooden bench clean by cleaning it every week. You can do this by using a soft cloth and soapy water.


Carbonated drinks, tea and other spills should be wiped off the wooden woodworking bench immediately. If you let the spill stay on your bench for so long then it will be hard to clean it. Such stains might even need an entire finish of the bench to get rid of them.