It is important to know the responsibilities of a DJ city Melbourne before hiring one. Many people that are not familiar with professional Deejaying think that the only function of a DJ in a wedding is to play music. There is much more that goes on rather than just playing music.

Getting to know you
The DJ should first of all figure out what the new couple are looking for. He should figure out the kind of music they like, whether they need lighting, whether they like to dance and other things that can make their wedding perfect. The DJ will then quote a price that will make him the best option for the couple.

Knowing the nitty-gritty

The first phase of the discussion may give the DJ a rough idea of the people he is working with but the wedding DJ Melbourne should get specific details as the wedding approaches so that he can plan in advance. If the DJ is going to be the master of ceremony, he should learn to pronounce the names of the guests properly. He should reach the venue in advance to know about more specific details.

Going to the venue in advance helps the DJ to know how to position equipment and know whether the venue has any sound challenges so that he can fix them in advance.

The DJ should lock things in place a week before the wedding. A professional DJ city Melbourne should go over the details and ask for clarification on things he doesn’t understand. You need to get everything right to facilitate the wedding. A DJ should clone his hard drive to avoid any inconveniences. He needs to make sure that he has a power backup. If the venue doesn’t have a power backup, the DJ should discuss this with the couple to make proper arrangements to have one.