To mention scientifically, the pregnancy is the nine month’s journey of an expectant mother where she carries one or more offspring developed inside her. This period is also called the gestation period. Normally, a pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters – up to 12th week of pregnancy is the first one, the second one is weeks thirteen to twenty seven and the third trimester starts about 28th weeks and lasts until birth. Every trimester, individually, have their own symptoms and developing process and thus need periodical checking and ensured care from both the mother and the doctor.

Understanding the symptoms

Every stage provides symptoms that carry required information related to the well-being of the baby which in turn keeps both the mother and the baby safe. Avoiding this small information might bring complications to the development of the baby inside the womb and even can cause serious harm to the babies after delivery if unnoticed or ignored during the gestation period. One of these types of example is stillbirth which is typically defined as fetal death at or after 20 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. This loss can be harmful in both physical and mental states for a mother and can become serious threats for her to live her life normally.

Dealing with stillbirth

Stillbirth results in a baby born without any sign of life and can be caused due to the ignorance of the mother of some specific symptoms while being pregnant. These symptoms include the tracking of the babies’ movements daily during the third trimester of pregnancy and staying away from visiting the doctor due to non-understanding of the same. Count the kicks withbaby kick counter method is a stillbirth prevention method that encourages expectant parents to track their baby’s movement after the said time of pregnancy because it is observed that a change in movement in the third trimester is often the earliest sign of distress in a baby.

Counting the kicks

When a mother knows what is normal for her baby, she is more alert to every potential threat. Starting at 28th week, a mother must ensure the tracking of the kicks of her baby preferably at the same time of each day. The time should be picked based on when the baby is usually active. Sitting with the feet or lying on side must be the position. Then the count should begin after each movement of the baby might they be kicks, rolls or jabs until the counting reach ten. It might take time and therefore requires patience. Tracking the pattern for a few days helps the mother to know what is normal and if any minor or major change occurs that should be brought to the doctor’s notice immediately.


Several apps are there to help a would be mother as their pregnancy kick counter by making them follow some strict rules for counting the movements and prevent any unnecessary harm to the baby who are yet to born.