To design your own ring online certainly involves a couple of steps, but the process can be simple enough for anybody to follow. A reliable jeweller will provide clients with the capability to get it done with ease and provide them with the freedom to make lots of personalized choices all the way. The choices could culminate in a creation that’s truly unique while also providing the buyer with the capability to control their costs via the decisions they make through the entire way. To create your ring online, here are the steps you should just follow.

Step #1: Choose metal

The first decision that you have to make when creating your ring design online is the kind of metal that will be supporting the setting. The options, in this case, will usually include white gold, platinum, and gold – or even silver. Every kind of metal features its own individual advantages. If the cost happens to be your concern, the gold or white gold can help to keep the pricing down. Platinum, even though a bit costlier, it is frequently favoured due to its white patina that’s capable of making precious gemstones to truly stand out. The way it highlights the beauty of some gemstones will certainly leave you mesmerized.

Step #2: Select your setting

Jewellers will frequently offer their customers that are interested in designing their rings a truly wide selection of varying settings to select from. Even though pre-designed, the settings happen to be empty so you can choose your preferred stones, to actually customize your own ring on their platform. The varying kinds of settings that clients can actually select from include;

  • Three-stone.
  • Multi-stone settings.
  • Solitaire.
  • Wedding ring sets.

There are several other varying setting features that a jeweller could allow his clients to choose from. It is this range that also makes the jewellers unique in their individual offerings. Most clients are attracted to particular jewellers because of some kind of feature they can choose which, they consider quite crucial in their own individual list of preferences.

Step #3: Choose your stones

Once they have chosen their settings, clients that are designing their own individual rings will have to choose the stone options that are most appropriate for what they have in mind. To accommodate the widest needs and preferences possible, a jeweller might give his clients access to a large variety of varying sizes, price ranges, colours, and cuts. The options will normally comprise a very wide range of precious gemstones like rubies, diamonds, as well as emeralds, and a number of other stones that are semi-precious such as aquamarine and citrine.

When choosing your stones, make sure that you imagine how they might look within your desired setting. Also, pay close attention to the sizing allowance that’s afforded by a specific setting. Once all of these three steps are completed, clients can then order their rings by inputting any other special instructions. After the jeweller has produced the custom order, the ring is directly shipped out to the buyer’s door.

While several jewellers feature impressive ring selections, it’s desired that you design your own ring to be one-of-a-kind.