The gigantic and ubiquitous nature of Big Data makes is prevalent in any and every industry. You must have heard of technical terms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science, but did you know that it is Big Data that connects these three?

Believe it or not, Big Data is an intrinsic part of the tech world and all scientific processes are revolving around it. I am sure that you can imagine its reach and the utilitarian value that it brings into every area of work. It is the key factor leading to automation of jobs. A report by McKinsey reveals that by 2036, almost 90% of the jobs shall be automated and 30% out of them shall be leveraging the power of Big Data. Moreover, Japan and India are the top two nations to experience this transformation.

Therefore, big data jobs are everywhere which is depicted in the DASCA infographic- Top Trends & Tools for Big Data Professionals. Big Data Careers are gaining an inexplicable amount of importance as a consequence of Data Science Industry booming to an exorbitant level.

But the Wistful fact remains that the supply of Big Data Professionals is not sufficient enough to fulfill its sky-high demand, as mentioned in the infographic. There are only 1,116,259 professionals worldwide who own expertise in Big Data. That being the case, there is nothing more profitable than contriving a career in Big Data at this date.

The extravagant salaries that have been exhibited can certainly lure a gush of people wanting to join the Data Science Industry. Professionals holding the positions of Data Scientist, Data Engineers and Data Architects have annual earnings of approximately $168,000, $138,000 and $131,000, respectively.

There is a myriad of countries that have a growing need for Big Data professionals that means whichever nation you may be a citizen of, knowledge with respect to data shall clear your path for a successful career in the coming times. LinkedIn disclosed this soaring demand through a multitude of job postings that came from disparate parts of the planet.

The United States of America is on the top of the list when it comes to hiring people with Big Data skills while the United Kingdom and Germany are on the second and third places, respectively. But, the point remains that out of the 500K Big Data Jobs which were posted in the year 2018, only 50% of them were captured while the rest continue to stay vacant.

Hence, the timing cannot be this perfect for building Big Data Career. In the pursuance of a Big Data job, one needs to have a grip on numerous popular tools and techniques like Hadoop, SAS, Python, and R. Although, being well-versed with just two or three of them can also work.

The most effective way to acquire a profound understanding of this subject and field is by earning a Big Data Certification. Going by the opinion of experts, there is no avenue that doesn’t involve a Data science certification which can take you to the peak of this industry.