Diamond alternative engagement rings could actually save you some money and still provide you with an exquisite ring option. You could consider moissanite gems that feel and appear like the real deal. If you select this kind of diamond-for-diamond options, it will certainly take an expert jeweller to tell their difference.

Cubic zirconia

This is among the foremost stones that are frequently utilized in alternative rings. It’s among the most common faux diamonds you will ever see. This alternative stone’s cheaper price enables you to obtain more stones or a larger stone than what you would usually be capable of affording.

Platinum and moissanite

These are other kinds of an alternative to diamond rings that several couples are now opting for and using. Moissanite is a stone that’s created in the laboratory which appears quite similar to a diamond but is certainly a much more affordable alternative to it. It features the same hardness and brilliance that is found in a diamond but at only a fraction of the cost of what a real diamond might cost. If you decide to use platinum as the metal of the ring’s band, nevertheless, you will certainly be increasing the price too.


Platinum is turning into the foremost metal for engagement as well as wedding rings. This happens to be so because the amazing metal features varying impressive characteristics. In fact, this is among the foremost reasons why several couples choose to order alternative engagement rings online for their wedding or engagement. It depicts a truly simplistic look, yet it helps in displaying the brilliance of the alternative stone or diamond. When you use a combination of moissanite and platinum or cubic zirconia, you will have an alternative to a diamond ring that will actually have her shouting ‘yes’ to your proposal.

A practical choice

Platinum in diamond alternative rings meant for engagements also happens to be a truly practical choice. They are extremely durable and they don’t scratch like other alternatives do. When you happen to have moissanite as the stone of the alternative ring, you do not have any problems whatsoever. This is because you can actually wear platinum and moissanite alternative rings anywhere irrespective of the type of job you do. The platinum that’s contained in the ring doesn’t ever tarnish, and if your skin happens to be the kind that’s sensitive, then know that it’s a metal that’s fully hypoallergenic. Anybody can actually wear this kind of alternative to a diamond engagement ring.

Better options

When you are out seeking an alternative to diamond engagement rings, moissanite is a better stone option than cubic zirconia. This is as the moissanite stone in an alternative to diamond engagement ring features a more brilliant shine. It even happens to be considerably more refractive that diamond itself, so, it appears to feature more sparkle and fire than actual diamond.

This is all you need to know concerning whether alternative engagement rings are actually costlier or cheaper than real diamond engagement rings. It is hoped that you will use this information, as it’s capable of helping you to make the most informed decision when buying.