You must hire the best professional party DJs in Melbourne for your event because your wedding’s music actually matters a lot. It could actually make or break the whole atmosphere during the biggest day of your life, and it could actually help you as well as your guests to have the time of your entire lives. Actually, you could play whatever it is that you find to be more suitable during your wedding – but there are certain trends you might really wish to lean on as well as listen to. What are the music rules for this year which you should consider at least? Here are some tips gathered for you – continue reading to discover more.

  1. Line dances are, maybe, somewhat outdated –If you actually desire to have one, they can be OK – but you should never feel that you are obliged to add any line dance into your playlist if you happen not to like it. All the more, you should certainly never have any feeling of being obliged to add any option which has been played thousands of times in the past. If the truth is to be told, everybody has heard and danced to Macarena, Chicken Dance, and Cotton Eye Joe about one billion times before – therefore you might want to go for a song that happens to be a lot more original (or dump the idea of having a line dance completely). Professional DJs in Melbourne can help in choosing the most trending line dance songs if you still want to have one.
  2. Creating a unique playlist always remains a truly excellent idea –This has always remained the ‘thing’ from time immemorial, but it becomes even actually a lot more essential with every single year that passes by. Create your own personal and unique playlist of do’s and don’ts, and another playlist of songs that your chosen DJ should play during the most special moments of your entire wedding event – this will greatly help your hired expert DJ in mixing music that will certainly be the best and most appropriate options for your personality and taste. Ensure that your playlist gets into the hands of your DJ several weeks beforehand. This enables him to source all the music in your playlist which he might currently not have.
  3. Add some fast songs –Last but certainly not the least, you should try and make sure that you add as many fast, energising songs as you possibly can. Slow music tunes are also fine and they can be very romantic actually, but they do not work well for your actual reception party – therefore, you should keep such slow songs for your cocktail hour, the actual wedding ceremony, and the truly romantic moments during your reception. You certainly won’t want to be putting a square plug into a round hole when it concerns music for your wedding reception.

These are the three music trends that will be quite critical this year. If you can ensure that you hire only expert party DJs Melbourne, they will handle this for you and ensure you have the most exciting reception party ever.