Laptops are convenient and easy to carry. They are products that meet the consumption needs of most modern consumers. Its prototype was an IBM compatible laptop computer proposed by Compaq in November 1982. The first laptop in the modern sense was officially launched by Apple in September 1989. With the development of various technologies, the brand types of laptops have become more diversified. This provides great convenience for the daily work and life of human beings.

It is a long history of the development of laptops. The wisdom and hard-work of several generations of technicians make its development and popularization. For ordinary consumers, it is not easy to understand the whole functional parameters. To some extent, this has caused the problems when consumers choose and buy. There is a small summary of laptops for consumers.

There are 3 types of laptops in current market, thin, game and business. Each category of products faces different consumers. Their functional features are quite different.

First of all, the thin laptop. Its main advantages lie in portability and endurance. Of course, some performance need to be cut to realize it. There is no clear definition of it in the market. According to the classification of products on the market at present, laptops with a weight of less than 2 kg, a thickness of less than 15 mm and an enduranc of more than 5 hours. It is more suitable for urban white-collar workers and students who do not play large-scale games. For example, Apple MacBook, HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook Pro, etc., all belong to the ranks of thin laptops.

The game laptop, it is not difficult to guess the target consumers from the name. It is a heavy and thick product with extreme performance, It generally does not have good endurance. It is not easy to carry, but its configuration is better. The game performance and experience is excellent.

The business laptop. Some people may put it in thin type group. It is not much different from the thin laptop for the performance. It is committed to portability and strong working performance. Because the consumers are mainly business people, it has higher safety requirements. In general, it has fingerprint unlocking function. The appearance caters to the calm characteristics of business people. It is usually all-metal or composite materials. Think Pad X1, for example, is commercial.

The future development of laptops may integrate the advantages of game type and light type. Of course, that is another story.