Do you know what it takes to get booked as a wedding DJ Melbourne price? First of all, before answering this question, you need to know what brides in Australia look for when hiring a wedding DJ. Once you know what the bride is looking for, you will understand what you need to do to impress them. Not only do you want to impress the bride, but also the guests so that most of them can consider hiring you during their wedding. Here are some top qualities most brides look for when hiring a wedding DJ.

Wedding gig experience

Most brides in Australia will look for the experience of a wedding DJ before hiring them. They will opt for someone who has experience within the wedding industry. Weddings are not like normal parties and DJs play a crucial role in setting the tone of the wedding. If you are a DJ who lacks enough experience, you should start building your portfolio. You may start by making less money in the interim and increase your charges gradually as you gain experience. When you have a wider portfolio, you are likely to get more gigs.


Most brides look for an organised wedding DJ with solid planning skills. They want a DJ who comes prepared. They will need to know how you will get ready for their party. They will ask you whether you have any music-related questionnaires that you would like them to fill. Your curiosity to know more about the venue and the equipment will make most brides interested in hiring you. The best Melbourne wedding DJs provide brides with as much information as possible concerning the successfulness of the wedding.

A positive personality

At weddings, DJs spend most of their time interacting with the attendees. They take requests and try to their capacity to entertain the guests. This means that everyone from the elderly to the children should be entertained. The personality of the DJ is crucial to the bride. The bride will be looking for a friendly DJ, confident and fun to ensure her guests are entertained. You will also want to look your best. This means that you have to dress appropriately for the occasion. No bride would like to hire a DJ who is always frowning.

Diverse music collection

The groom and the bride are likely to have different musical preferences. This also applies to their guests. It is therefore important for the wedding DJ to have a diverse music collection from different decades and genres. The groom and the bride will also have their specific songs that they would like to be played in addition to their first dance. It is the job of a wedding DJ to find out what these songs are before the wedding.

Crowd reading ability

Brides are also looking for a wedding DJ Melbourne price with plenty of knowledge about the industry. You should have learned to read the crowd and give them what they want. You should know how to get the crowd going before people start taking alcohol.