Did you know that our body language can affect your testosterone and confidence levels and that both can radically affect your success in the workplace and beyond? Power-posturing or “posing” can have a positive impact not only on your hormone levels but also on your interactions with other people. Being an open, expansive posture for just a few minutes a day can actually increase your testosterone and confidence levels.

The 2010 study by researchers Carney, Yap, and Cuddy more than indicating that so-called power-posing or posturing increases your body’s levels of testosterone while decreasing levels of cortisol (the harmful catabolic hormone associated with aging and disease). It means that you not only look and feel more powerful, but you are physically powerful.

There will come a time when you feel you can’t give your 100% in bed with your partner. Don’t stress — this is a perfectly regular occurrence that may happen occasionally.

However, if your poor performance in the bedroom is due to low testosterone levels, you might feel like your mojo has gone. Most of the time, it takes along with it the confidence you require having in bed for a better intimate performance.

It has a tremendous impact on intimate performance and overall health. However, despite being an essential hormone, the levels of these decrease as men age. As you reach around the age of 30, testosterone levels diminish.

Testosterone Level Actual Changes in Men

We know testosterone as the male reproductive hormone. It produced this hormone in the testicles and is very important in developing boys into adult men. With this hormone peaking at puberty, boys form more muscle mass, deeper voices, and even grow their body hair. All these are signs they are entering adulthood.

In adulthood, testosterone is still requiring. It keeps a man’s intimate features, bone density, red blood cell levels, and muscle mass.

However, there is also a condition where T- levels become low because the testes cannot produce the levels needed by the body. They called this male hypogonadism. In this condition, men encounter trouble producing testosterone since their testes cannot do it or their pituitary gland hinders their body from making testosterone.

The T- levels can also lessen because of various medical reasons. For instance, it may be because of hypertension, high cholesterol levels, obesity, or HIV. Treat your hypertension or high blood pressure problem by using Cenforce 100 or Fildena 100.

Both mechanisms give men fewer testosterone levels than what their bodies can initially produce. So, there are various effects of this on their body.

Expert Opinion

Several factors, comprising external, environmental, and internal factors, change testosterone levels. Undoubtedly, nutritional deficiency, particularly of such nutrients as zinc, vitamin D, magnesium, and low polyphenols intake, influences the HPG axis. The levels of mental and oxidative stress can also hurt the axis. Hence, a diagnosis of the cause of disturbance in T- levels depends on several factors and needs a broad range of study and a change of patients’ lifestyles.

What Call Low T – Level Do To You?

Now that you know the different causes of low testosterone levels, there will still be the same manifestations in your body. As mentioned previously, it affects your reproduction drive and can give you high libido.

If you have lowering testosterone levels, you can feel low libido, less mental acuity, more fatigue, moodiness, and erectile dysfunction. You might also feel some erections and will happen less immediately. You might feel very uninterested in intimacy, and your performance with your partner will be significantly affecting. On the severe side, it can even lead to male infertility.

Low T- levels can make you feel lacking in energy. Your interest in sexual desires and more unsatisfactory performance in bed can indeed affect your social relationship with your partner.

Can how Testosterone Level affects Your Confident Level?

The quick and correct answer to this question would be yes. Someone will negatively affect your confidence when you have low testosterone. A more severe manifestation to you can even be depression or anxiety.

Note that low levels of it can reduces your overall health. Some men reported they could not lift weights as they used to since their testosterone levels declined. When your muscle mass declines, you will notice sagging on some parts of your body. Weight gain can even be possible.

Intimate problems are one of the most concerning aspects of low T- levels. It negatively affects your confidence, especially with your partner. You might find it embarrassing when you cannot satisfy your partner in bed or do not have the interest in having sex with them anymore.

Losing energy and interest, even in physical activity, can lead to less self-esteem. Feeling tired regularly since you have low T- levels can affect your ability to socialize with people. Treat your male impotency by using Cenforce 200, Super P Force and Vidalista.

Tips How to Increase T – Levels

  • High-volume activities and exercising reduce T- levels.
  • Power lifts and runners have decreased T- levels when compared to bodybuilders.
  • Alcohol consumption diminishes testosterone levels.
  • Higher stress levels overcome testosterone levels.
  • Erotic stimulation, masturbation, and intimate activities can help boost testosterone levels.
  • High-intensity training outcomes in periodical testosterone level increase but drops later. The levels stay for about a couple of days and increase again. Hence, train every 2nd day to enjoy more gains.
  • Diets high in saturated fat, fat, protein, and cholesterol can help increase testosterone levels.
  • Painkillers like marijuana, codeine, and aspirin may decrease testosterone levels.
  • Higher protein may mean more cholesterol levels and saturated fat.
  • T – Levels diminish with reduced saturated fats and increasing polyunsaturated fats.
  • Restricted diets low testosterone levels. However, after reseeding, it gets restored in 48 hours.
  • You can consult a specialist to know how to improve your testosterone level in a natural, safe way.