The Southern part of India is really beautiful and adventurous for anyone visiting. There are many locations in the Southern part of India that has a history with Bollywood and their famous scenes. One of the famous scenes is the song from the movie “Dil Se” where the lead actor was singing on a train. The famous train song was shot in the mountains of Nilgiri in Tamil Nadu. Hence Tamil Nadu has a really rich history with the movie culture.

The Tamil Nadu has many amazing sights to offer that can be cherished by the traveller. And there is always a railway station just around the corner that can take to anywhere in Tamil Nadu. Apart from the travelling there are many joy train ride that runs through the small hills of Tamil Nadu. These train rides are the perfect rides of adventure for anyone travelling Tamil Nadu. The train tracks pass through the deepest forests of Tamil Nadu making it more exciting for the travellers to gaze upon the natural sceneries. Such natural sceneries are the main reasons that train ride are worth it in Tamil Nadu. Here are some more reasons that will justify why train ride is worth it in Tamil Nadu.

Rameshwaram Bridge

The Rameshwaram Bridge is one of the significant pieces of modern architecture that has been connecting the people of Rameshwaram Island to the main state of Tamil Nadu for so many years. The train ride to Rameshwaram is an exhilarating experience where the open sea air blows through the train and all that you can see is the vast oceans. The sight is really worth the whole train ride to Rameshwaram.

Ooty metre gauge

The metre gauge train may sound really silly but once you enter the landscapes of Ooty and Nilgiri, you will be mesmerized by the sight that the place has to offer. The complete ride lasts for 5 hours that stretch up to 26kms. The metre gauge ride was established by the British in 1908 as a medium of travel but in the recent years, it transformed into a joy ride that attracts many tourists every year. The people who visit on Tamil Nadu Tour Packages make sure that the train ride of Ooty and Nilgiri is present in their list.

Kanyakumari – Trivandrum, Island Express

The Kanyakumari is a beautiful place in itself but the Trivandrum also has great places to offer. And the train ride from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum is great which is filled with natural landscapes, Gopurams, Churches, small villages, etc. The trees that line up touching the sky also serves as a great sight that can make the train ride more amazing.

Here are some of the best train rides that you can enjoy in Tamil Nadu. If you are a train enthusiast then it is recommended to accomplish all the three train rides on your trip. The sights in these train rides are amazing and mesmerising. You can even enjoy these rides with your family if you ever visit Tamil Nadu.

Author Name: Charles A. Jacobs

Author Bio: I have been visited several places in the world, visited 7 wonders of the world and still looking for a place where I end my destiny. I am travel enthusiastic and owner of the TamilNadu Routes.