What is the difference between web design and web development? The difference between web design and web development has become confusing. This uncertainty can cause troubles for a web design company and its customers since the design of web pages has become a generic term that encompasses design and development.

It is important for companies to make their customers aware that a successful website requires excellent design and development. Likewise, customers must be willing to make the effort to understand the difference. This understanding makes the process of specification and approval easier.


Website design determines the appearance. It covers the design, navigation and colors of a website (may also include graphic design and logo), is more concerned with the aesthetics and user experience of the functions. A web designer creates sites that are easy to use and suitable for their purpose.


In contrast, web development offers functions and features. It is about the programming of background services and not the face of a website. Functions planned in the web development include registration, content management systems, e-commerce and database applications, in addition to allowing visitors to interact on a website.


A good web designer will have graphic design skills and a good understanding of marketing. He or she knows how to get the attention of visitors and encourage them to explore a website.


A goodwill website developer Dubai has excellent programming skills and is able to use a wide range of programming tools. He or she will be able to offer solutions to give a website the required functions.

There will be some overlap of competences between web designers and developers. It is not usual for a person to be an excellent designer and at the same time a developer.


To achieve a good job, not only do you need a lot of knowledge, practice and a good touch, but also different platforms are needed on which to base our skills, combining it with good resources (clip art, backgrounds, textures, types of sources letter, gradients, etc.). Web designers use software such as Photoshop, Flash and Fireworks. They will also have a good knowledge of typography, color theory and web accessibility.


Website developers use a sequence of programming tools such as XML, ASP, JavaScript and SQL. These are just a few of the most famous tools. There are lots of other tools and new ones are being developed all the time. For example, mobile applications have created a huge demand from developers with relevant knowledge.


The majority designers and developers are known with HTML and CSS.

WordPress is an attractive example of the difference between design and development. The design of web pages of a WordPress site is determined by the selection of a theme. The theme includes the use of colors, columns, fonts, navigation and titles. After selecting a theme, you can attach functionality to your web by using widgets and selecting plugins.

Many people without web design and skills development have created reasonable websites. However, experienced designers and developers can create great sites of exclusive design, functions and features.


Research has shown that visitors judge a website in just a few seconds. Therefore, it is required to make the design of web pages attractive and easy to use and a good development is required to create good functions of links of interest. Ideally, designers and developers would work together to retain visitors and encourage return visits.

In conclusion, both design and web development are essential to produce an effective site must be integrated to offer the best creation of pages in circulation.