(POTY) Award is given to the player who, during a specific time period (typically a week), had the highest average ranking points earned in the online competitive playlist over the course of the entire season. Player of the Year (POTY) Winners. Read About Pokemon Unite.

This is the first year that the top scorer for each region is selected based on their region. During the event the entire POTY Leaderboard will be published on the official PUBG Twitch channel, so everyone can follow the progression and position of every player.

Every top PUBG Players will also receive a random but coveted PUBG Voucher (up to 500) and two Adidas prizes to give to their favorite squad (maximum of three for each player). The PUBG Voucher will give the player the chance to purchase an item from the PUBG Item Mall, two Adidas trophies will be given to every winning squad.

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  1. China (Avalanche, NewBee, Invictus Gaming, 100 Thieves)


  1. Turkey (Meryeda, Warriors, 100 Thieves, 100TS, Grim Legends)


  1. Canada (Ninjas in Pyjamas, Ghost Gaming, Hammer Force e-Sports, Vexed Gaming, Ghost Gaming)


  1. South Korea (MMOC, Supreme3D, Kongdoo Monster, Kongdoo Uncia, Mad Dog Marauders)


  1. Ukraine (Profezia, YURT, Spart1e, A.D. Nova, Team GIO)


  1. Malaysia (Tigers, Big e-Sports, All Or Nothing e-Sports, Tigers eSports)


  1. Spain (TRG, GuardiaN Gaming, Mousesports, CAVALERA CONFIDENTIAL)


  1. Russia (Gambit, EGO, Triggers Gaming, CRSG.GG)


  1. Brazil (Esporte Clube do Rei, Tough Money Gaming, KaBuM e-Sports, Team Liquid)


  1. India (C9, Gursus Racing Team, Speed Gaming, Check Six Gaming)


  1. Japan (CSC Eagles, Tokido’s Hikari, Driller Gun)


  1. Belgium (Unicorns, Silencer.no, Team LDLC)


  1. Finland (PENTA Sports, ROCCAT, Black Sheep Esports)


  1. Sweden (Black Wolves, BIG, Epsilon Esports)


  1. Switzerland (Team Dimension Data, Caster Cut, Cuphead)


  1. Russia (Kaspersky Lab, Na`Vi, M5, Misfits)


  1. United Kingdom (Gamers2, Fnatic, dignitas)


  1. France (SK Gaming, G2 Esports, Titan, Gambit Esports)


  1. Germany (Team EZG Reisen, Templum, Athletico Medo)


  1. United States (Fnatic, CLG Red, Team Liquid, Rogue)

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Top PUBG Players (POTY) Winners

The POTY Winners will receive POTY Vouchers (up to 500) to be spent in the Item Mall, the two Adidas trophies will be given to their favorite squad, the Top PUBG Players will also receive two Adidas prizes. Sometime you had faced a issue of lag problem in PUBG Mobile. So you eagerly want to know How to lag fix on PUBG Mobile. You can get smooth gameplay without lag to follow these steps. Clean your storage, Clean cache memory, disabled background Applications, Uninstall unusual apps from your mobile.

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Please note that all players have to adhere to the Tournaments Rules.Here is we discussed top PUBG Mobile players of the world I hope you will get much knowledge from my article.Vinaya Vidheya Rama