When your graduation from UTAS or any college is just around the corner, you will find out soon that, there are several different factors that will help in determining the kinds or types of graduation gown like the UTAS graduation gown that you are desired to wear. Some of these factors are the school colour, major obtained and any other honours which you may have achieved through your college career years. The ceremony gowns worn are different in all schools across the world.



In UTAS the gowns which are worn by those earning either Master degree or Bachelors is actually similar to those which are worn in England. The Master’s gowns do have sleeves which are oblong in appearance, and in spite of that, it still hangs down with a square shape which creates the oblong shape. The fronts of the Masters gowns actually have the shape of an arc which is cut away, and there is a slit on the wrist opening. More so, all the rest of the gown closed. A Bachelors gown on the other hand, is normally worn closed in the front by a zipper. These are either mid-calf in length or full length.


Masters and Bachelors gowns

The graduation gowns that have an overall shape ties with the square long hanging tail at the back which, goes with hoods that are commonly worn together with the gowns. The UTAS graduation gown for Masters Grandaunts are usually designed to wear either open or closed, all depending on the colleges or universities requirement about every graduation. It also depends on the rules and regulations of the school.


Doctorate gowns

Moreover, doctorate graduation gowns also can be designed with full sleeves in place of the bell-shaped sleeves gowns that are worn by the standard Bachelors. Few of the doctoral gowns do have a necktie or a cravat when they are worn closed but there are some which almost appear or look just like a cape. Master’s Degree gowns can be gown either open or closed depending on rules and regulations of the school.


Gown colours

The graduation gowns generally are mostly black in colours, but at times they do come in school colours usually based on request. The regulation guiding the dress code when the school colours are worn is that, the shell outside the hood should appear black. The Bachelor’s gown are quite similar to that of the Doctorate gown except for feature that they usually have three velvet bands on each sleeves and velvet also running down in the gown’s front. Certain colours are designed to be worn depending on the type of doctorate degree which you may have obtained. And so, the velvet facing down ward should be tinted to the chosen colour for your career field in particular.


There is a wide array of regulations and rules when it comes to the gowns like UTAS graduation gowns to be worn on your graduation. Few of these regulations and rules mostly depend on the school you are graduating from and the career field you have chosen. Every school and career have their own customary colour.