The work of house styling experts usually involves transforming bland location houses into photo-perfect schemes which appear excellent on the pages of shopping catalogues and home improvement magazines. So who is better placed to give advice on this than the real professionals? This article brings you a few recommendations from such experts.


  1. Become inspired

Well before selecting any palette or choosing any product, you should collect inspiration from a wide range of sources. Create a file for your references and ideas – everything from images of houses and homes you love and magazine cuttings, to paint chips, fabric swatches, and images of pieces you like, such as chairs or sofas. This action will instantly help you to concentrate on your thoughts.


  1. Set a brief

Posting some questions about what you desire from the new scheme helps in setting a clear plan. Write a brief to yourself. Ask what it is that you love the most concerning your chosen images. Establish your favoured elements (it can be a specific furniture shape, pattern, or colour) and refer back to them regularly as you start to shop. Ensure that every new item fits the brief before buying it.


  1. Collect physical evidence

You can never beat having wallpaper and fabric swatches (the bigger the better) or paint charts to hand and, placing them side-by-side on your mood board. This is what the foremost property stylists in Sydney do. Gathering a digital version helps but do not depend on that only, the colours aren’t always true and it is always hard to estimate finishes and get a real picture of the scale and size of any pattern repeat till you view and touch it.


  1. Assess the space

Think really hard about the room to be decorated and try not to hurry any decisions. Develop a ‘feeling’ for the space. Think about what you will have to fulfil. Lastly, check how the light falls, and always examine your swatches, particularly the paint colours.


  1. Mix it all up

Even when decorating from scratch, don’t fill a room with only new furniture and accessories. Authentic retro pieces or vintage finds will cause your scheme to appear a lot more individual and interesting. A collection of old chopping boards appears great when contrasted with glossy white units in the kitchen. And a pine chest of drawers with all its bumps and knocks that’s salvaged will be a truly beautiful focal point in any pretty country bedroom.


  1. Choose essential styles

Spend the most time selecting the bigger furniture pieces. Scatter cushions and paint colours could be updated a lot more frequently but furniture happens to be the actual foundation for your look.


Finally, always remember to add texture. It is just too easy to concentrate on pattern and colour but texture includes a crucial extra dimension to the mix. It can be a wall with exposed bricks in your kitchen to contrast the sleek units, or simply utilizing woven baskets as storage in your living room. These house styling secrets should help you do it just like a professional.