Formal dresses NZ can come in many types. Women have a dream to have a wardrobe full of different types of clothes. They want to have both casual and formal wear. Sometimes women can get confused about what to wear on certain occasions. Having different types of dresses for different occasions is important. It is even more important to have dresses that suit your body size and your skin tone. Here are some types of formal wear for women that you should know.

White shirt

White shirts always stand out for every woman. They can go with every colour and you can pair them up with a trouser or a skirt. Just make sure you tuck in the shirt properly to be smart.

A peg trouser

These are very trendy types of trousers and they are comfortable as daily wear. After buying peg trousers and other types of formal dresses NZ online, make sure you wear them correctly to get a stylish look.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are perfect for formal meetings. They should not be too short or too long. Just make sure you get the perfect length for your height.


Dresses come in different designs. The design of the dress will determine whether it is official or casual. Just make sure that the dress has one plain colour. The dress shouldn’t be too long or too short. A dress that reaches above the knee is advisable. You can pair the dress with a nice plain jacket and official shoes such as high heels.

Trousers with straps

If you are not a fan of polka dot dresse, you can go for trousers with straps for women. You can match a navy blue pair of trousers with straps with a shirt with white and navy blue stripes. You can complement the look with a white hut.