Some individuals suffer miserably from flying; it interferes in their schedules while travelling. Flying phobia, flight phobia, aerophobia are other names for aviophobia. Studies exhibit that 20% of individuals witness some amount of fear while flying. Individuals with anxiety are more prone to aviophobia, which leads to intense stress while travelling by airplane. People with aviophobia comes under tension and pressure much before they fly, that is in ques of security checks, during searches, and they even fear being hijacked.

All the situations mentioned above add volumes to Aviophobia and provokes anxiety, fear of flying even exists in people who have never also flown for once. Individuals who suffer from anxiety are at a higher risk of aviophobia.

Sources of aviophobia

The common causes of aviophobia are generally related to experience, some traumatic situation, some news over news channels and newspapers, fear of terrorism.

Experience:  fear of flying is associated with past experience while flying that caused stress and trauma to the people who have aviophobia.

Traumatic situations: some traumatic and stressful experience also a potential source of fear of flying like losing loved ones in an airplane crash.

News: this phobia can slowly sneak in after seeing some bad news about airplane clash or terrorism.

Fear of terrorism: fear of hijacks and terrorist attacks also leads to fear of flying or aviophobia.

Signs of aviophobia. People suffering from aviophobia witness panic attacks and symptoms are similar to ones related to other kinds of phobias for which you can use buy tramadol online in the USA. Common signs of aviophobia consist of the following. An intense headache, heavy sweating, stress in muscles, aches in the stomach, finding it hard to breathe, irritability, finding it hard to pay attention and focus, anxiety for which it is advisable to use buy Xanax online in the USA.

Treatment of aviophobia

Can we find an effective treatment for fear of flying or aviophoboa?

Most of the individuals who have aviophobia, don’t need any specific treatment and ignoring the source of flying can manage the issue of phobia. This issue triggers when it comes to taking a flight, for holidays or business purposes. Intake of medications like buying Xanax online in the USA helps to eliminate symptoms of aviophobia that is fear of flying. There are a couple of treatments that can ease out the symptoms of fear of flying. Treatments consist of talking therapies, like counseling sessions and psychotherapy, along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness therapy. Along with these therapies take medications like buying Xanax online in the USA.

cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a therapy in which through special procedures therapist cure fear of flying by slowing exposing individuals to those objects which they fear so that they feel less anxious about it and gradually the alarm goes away.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is also referred to as desensitization or exposure therapy.

Medications like buy Xanax online in the USA is generally prescribed to cure and heal aviophobia, which is usually recommended for a short period.

Generally, this medication ease out the signs of anxiety thus making fear of flying less effective.

Along with medication of anxiety, generally, medicines for depression, tranquilizers, and beta blockers are also prescribed to make the treatment more effective and quickly heal the person suffering from fear of flying.

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