It has been demonstrably that, the alternative therapies, they have already fallen in the flavor of the general population for the benefits they present, becoming a phenomenon never seen before, based on the growing demand for clinics and spas, and favoring greater performance and qualification of network of professionals.

The market development of the alternative therapies, with emphasis on therapeutic, relaxing and sensual massages, brought with it a series of opportunities for professionals in this segment. This fact encouraged masseurs and other professionals in the ​​beauty field and well-being to finded training with quality in specialized courses, as well as adequate training to attend new demands.

All over Brazil, people started to search for the most different massage techniques, from the best known, such as Swedish, Ayurvedic, hot rocks, reflexology and shiatsu, in addition to sensual tantric, sensitive and Thai. Swedish massage, for example, can be applied to the entire body and helps those who suffer from tendon and muscle tension and with sensitivity to touch.

It was performed through the combination of long, fluid movements, compounded by vibrations and beats. Already, the hot rocks massage has been grown a lot in recent years, popularized mainly by TV reports, which show the benefits of the technique, which combats pain and muscle tension.

Therefore, the massagist places the hot rocks in various places on the body, according to the requirement of each customer. Originated in India, Ayurvedic massage is performed with the support of vegetable and essential oils, prepared with medicinal herbs. The massagist performs tractions and stretches, stimulating body points and vital organs.

At the same time, the activity helps to align the spine and correct body posture.  Created in Japan in the early 1900s, the shiatsu (finger pressure) uses techniques of kneading, soothing pressing, beats and stretching, being performed without oils with the use of light and comfortable clothes. For not to be non-invasive, the technique reduces stress and contributes to the receive’s person relationed with its overall well-being.



Increasingly people each time, the sensual massages, such as sensitive, promote an explosion of senses in the adherents, by enhanced body bioelectricity and activated blood circulation. Emotionally, enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence. Spiritually, it contributes to a broader vision of the body and life. Already, the Tantric massage was the way to connect with your partner. It is more than just a sensual massage. Popular in the worldwide, it involves the balancing and energy network between the partners.

Practice can, so, help to strengthen your bond and lead to a deeper understanding of both. The technique provides access to another powerful benefits – it improves sexual resistence and the quality of orgasms; relieves pain and stress; improves the sleep; it helps in the search of healing from emotional blockages and spiritual awakening.