A classification tag attached to a box that tells about the contents of the delivery container. If the products are focused on any survey, the label must contain that observation information as well. Flipkart Shipping Labels consists of a correct address at which the product is to be delivered. This is used by all the online sellers on Flipkart and it is important for them to use so their delivery can be tracked easily and also it may not take that much time in reaching the destination address. If it is pasted wrong by the sellers, bar codes on the labels will not be easily scanned and tracking of the order cannot be done properly.

During shipment, many products have come to the existence of delivery in different places of the nation. It is not possible for the shipment person to open and check each container and then start its shipping. That’s why, online sellers are told to fix the shipment labels with a container that contains a correct bar code, through which the customer’s name and contact number, their address and other important details can be tracked easily. If a shipping label is fixed wrongly to the container then the shipment area may get wrong details regarding products and its customers. An online seller must make sure that their shipping is done correctly to their customers so that it may prevent all the cancellation and returns.

Flipkart shipping label API can be created by any of the best carrier options. A shipping label can be generated in two different ways that are Rating and label purchase and Label with one API call. Many powerful enterprises can provide you the shipping label at affordable prices. You need to provide all the details so that your shipping label can be generated properly. It must consist of all the details of a sender address, a recipient address, and a parcel. After creating a shipment product you will be required to create a transaction object so that you may get ratings in the response to any shipment easily.

There are many Flipkart label generation API, but you need to select the best one so that your parcel may reach the customer’s home safely and on time. Such enterprises have many features such as through some shipping label generators API you may easily purchase and print labels in bulk, insert the information of those who have ordered the product easily, connect with any one of our 100+ carriers in the same day and influence our API for scan-based returns and return labels. For selecting the best shipping API generating company, you need to go through all the features, terms and conditions so that you may get to know about the work and you may also get to know about the prices of generating Flipkart shipping label.

You may visit the official internet sites of any of the Flipkart label generation API and can purchase the shipping labels so that they can make their shipment more easy as it was before for the shipment carrier and also for the customers to track it easily.