Though the term jewellery is frequently associated with women but the fact that for centuries men also have sported a bewildering range of jewellery can’t be dissented from.

Now a days Men’s jewellery undoubtedly is less popular than the jewellery designed by women, but that necessarily doesn’t mean that men can’t wear jewellery or they don’t require it.

A huge chunk of the jewellery section earns their revenues from men section.

Discovering everything about Men’s jewellery

Utility of jewellery

Be it the zirconium or the tungsten rings, the cheaper silver jewellery or the expensive gold and diamond jewellery, men’s jewellery section houses it all.

Let us take a look about how men’s jewellery has come as a full circle by assessing the utilities or the reasons for why men wore these ornaments:

  • Flaunting of Wealth-A huge proportion of people use jewellery to show off the wealth that they have.

    To boast of a higher possession people, many people use precious metals like gold and diamond.
  • Marital Status-Just like women, men also wear engagement rings that signify that they are taken. In order to highlight their marital status, men wear a ring on the ring finger to say that they are in a relationship. Especially in the western part of the world, this is a very common ritual.
  • Weapon-You will be astounded to know that men have also used jewellery as a form of weapon as well. The Sikh clans till today use a particular form of a bracelet that is a part of the protection weapon. The origin of the crown of the king can be traced as a protective gear for the head and much more.
  • Cosmetic Enhancement-Another visible purpose that jewellery serves is it can enhance the cosmetic appeal of a person. Right from the ancient age where kings wore as much jewellery as queens did to the current time when men pierce their ears and nose and wear studs, jewellery has been hugely used for bettering the overall appearance of any person.
  • Cosmic purpose-There are astrological values of certain stones like the blue, sapphire, ruby, corals, or diamonds that men wear to attract a positive vibe from the rest of the universe.  The cosmic ornaments are used with the elementary goal of bringing good luck and good health.

The bottom line

Starting from cufflinks, rings, and bracelets to gold chains and even ear studs, men are wearing it all. Gone are the days when ornaments were simply reserved for any special occasion because now men also wear these ornaments daily as well.

The trend in men’s jewellery is revolutionizing with each passing day, and the number of jewellery designs for men also has sky-rocketed proclaiming that the upcoming years will also see diversifications.