Today in the blog post we are going discuss about an important term refer and earn app. You will find various articles and videos on referring apps. But the question is can you really earn money from referring apps and what are referring apps.

So what are referring apps.

Referring application are also known as refer and earn apps and they pay money to user when users invite more friends to use the applications. Every application will pay you different money depending upon their referring program.

Some applications have better referral system they pay money when user downloads the application from your link, whereas other applications pay money only when users use yours refer code, but in most of the cases users do not use your referral code. Which can lead to decrease in your earnings. Let’s say users are downloading from your link but they forget or due to some reason they didn’t use your referral code, you will not earn anything.

Then there are applications that give Paytm cash only after when users use application for a time or when users deposit money in the app or when users play games or use the particular feature in the app.

If you are searching for refer apps makes sure you select the one that pay Paytm cash only when users download the app from your link because this way you don’t lose any earning, but usually earning from only referral signup are low but they are regular.

But remember every app has it unique minimum withdrawal such as some apps will let you withdraw only Rs.200 as minimum withdrawals. Most apps will charge banks charges on withdrawal amount. You will also find applications that will have maximum withdrawal restrictions such as some application will only let you withdraw Rs.500 a day.

The next question is can you earn money from referral app?

Yes, you can as we already discussed that we can earn from referring friends and also we can use these referral apps for ourselves because these applications have various earning features. For example, if I talk about Fan fight app you can earn rs.100 by referring friends but you can also within the app such as you can earn by playing Fantasy cricket. Similar app such as Galo you can money by referring friends but can also win Paytm cash by playing games, completing daily tasks, or by daily check-in.

Most of the applications pay referral money but only as bonus cash not as winning cash, what does this mean?

This means some apps pay bonus cash that can only be used within the app. Let me give you an example. Suppose you refer a friend and he downloads the application from your link you will earn bonus cash that can be used in the application for playing games, buying discount coupons, deposit bonuses.

The another term is “Winning cash”. This is the cash that you can withdrawal into Paytm money after you have earned the minimum level.

You may see coins in some of the applications, these coins can be redeemed into Paytm cash. Every app has different coins’ value. Like some apps will give you Rs.100 if you have 10k coins.

So, I hope the concept of referring application is clear to you and now you understand the potential of referring apps and if you can earn money from them.