The GST Suvidha Kendra by the government is free software that helps you make online payments on your website. It has a lot of benefits to offer, but you might be wondering how much it really costs.

What is GST?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is one of the most important taxes in India. It is a tax levied on the sale of goods and services in India. This tax is collected at the point of sale by the retailer. The tax is divided into two parts, Central and State/Union Territory GST. The Central GST is levied by the central government, while the State/Union Territory GST is levied by the respective state or union territory governments.

What is the cost of GST Suvidha Provider (GSP)?

The cost of a GSP for a small business could be as high as Rs 1 lakh annually. For a medium-sized business, it could range from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, and for a large business, it could be up to Rs 10 lakh. The cost depends on how many employees your business has, the nature of your business, and where your business is located.

How to register for GSP

If you are an individual who has been living in India for 182 days or more in a 12-month period, you are eligible to register for GST Suvidha Provider (GSP). To register for GSP, visit the GST portal and follow the simple steps. The following is a list of required documents: 

  • – Proof of identity (national ID card, voter ID card, driver’s license etc.) 
  • – Proof of residential status ( electricity bill, bank statement, property deed etc.) 
  • – Proof of business activity (invoice/contract etc.)

Benefits of GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) software

The benefits of using GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) include:

  • – Reduced paperwork – GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) automates the filing process, reducing the amount of time required to file your return.
  • – Fast processing – The software quickly analyses your return and provides you with accurate tax information.
  • – Confidentiality – Your information is kept confidential, so you can trust that it will not be shared with anyone else.

How to file your GST return with GSP

GST Suvidha Kendra is an online portal that helps you to file your GST return and get the benefits of an input tax credit.

Hidden Costs of a GSP

However, there are some hidden costs associated with the GST that consumers may not be aware of. One such cost is the price of a GSP provider. A GSP provider is an entity that provides services related to the administration of the GST, such as software development, data entry, and customer service. The price of a GSP provider can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. 


It’s always important to stay up-to-date with changes in the tax landscape, and that includes learning about GST Suvidha Franchise Provider (GSP). GSP is a new scheme introduced by the Indian government to incentivize the establishment of medical clinics across the country. As such, it’s important for businesses operating in India to be aware of what this scheme entails and understand its implications for their business.