There’s not one but many reasons why Dubai should be your top preference if you are looking for a job employment opportunity away from your homeland. The city of gold, as it is fondly known as, is nothing short of a marvel. It houses some of the tallest buildings, world-famous landmarks, and not to forget, the amazing attractions that attract people from across the globe.

Its popularity can be adjudged from the fact that expatriates form the major part of the emirate’s population. Statistics show that approximately 9.99 million ex-pats live in the UAE. And since Dubai holds the crown of being the most popular one out of the seven emirates, you will find most of them living here only. In fact, only 15% of the total population of Dubai consists of locals, while the rest is formed by expatriates.

This, however, doesn’t mean you will get an opportunity of a lifetime as soon as you’re going to step foot in Dubai. You need to come fully prepared to find a professional or entrepreneurial opportunity here.

On this note, these are some of the important things you should know about before moving to the emirate, being an ex-pat:

Living Cost Here is Higher

So, here’s the case with Dubai. Being a popular emirate, the living cost in Dubai is on the higher side. This means a major chunk of your income will be spent on rent/lease, utilities, groceries, etc. Of course, shared accommodation is an option, but they are not so well-kept. If you are considering studios or apartments, you can find cheaper ones in old Dubai or away from the emirate. The properties nestled close to the city centre, or the ones located within waterfront developments can be very expensive. So, location matters, and so does your lifestyle.

Having said that, if you have a decent enough salary, you can live a moderate to high-class lifestyle. If your budget allows, you can get a beautiful residence in one of the many latest residential projects in the emirate. These projects come with state-of-the-art amenities and other luxuries that truly escalate the living standards.

The Emirate has a Modern Outlook

Those who haven’t visited this emirate believe that Dubai has a very traditional outlook where local women are not allowed to show any part of the skin. This is only a misconception as the emirate has a rather modern outlook. You will find people here from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures, following their own traditions and belief systems.

Although showing a lot of skin is not considered something good here, you can wear skirts, tops, jeans here. Swimwear is to be worn on beaches only. The fact that the crime rate is low here and laws are strictly followed make this place quite safe for women. There will be no problem even if you are travelling alone late at night.

Having said that, there are certain aspects in which the emirate is quite old-style. For example, sharing a room with a person of the opposite gender is considered a crime.

Dubai has Strict Laws

As stated above, laws are enforced here strictly. This is one of the major reasons why the crime rate in Dubai is on the lower side.

If you are found violating traffic rules, driving under the influence of drugs, making obscene remarks in public, taking photographs in restricted areas, harassing people, etc., you can be penalized heavily. Also, these laws are applicable to everyone, irrespective of their wealth and class.

So, as an employer, you cannot violate the rights of your employees. Similarly, as a landlord, you cannot evict tenants without a valid cause prior to the completion of the tenancy contract.

Abundant Professional, Entrepreneurial, & Investment Opportunities

Due to the huge growth witnessed by the emirate in recent years, a lot of internationally recognized firms now have their presence in Dubai. Therefore, you can find various professional opportunities, provided you are qualified and experienced.

The launch of various new residential projects in Dubai has also given rise to investment opportunities in the real estate sector. You can buy off-plan properties in many projects, such as Stella Maris Dubai, and make arrangements for yourself to earn a high ROI for years to come.

Also, with the recent amendments in company laws, there are more entrepreneurial opportunities. For the uninitiated, you can now own a company in Dubai without getting a local sponsor. This means you will be able to own the organization as a sole owner.

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