Marriage is a journey you start with hope, love, and gratitude to the universe. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and a promise to choose each every day for the rest of your lives irrespective of the circumstances, through highs and lows. The beginning of this magical journey is a gesture called the marriage proposal, that seals your fate.  A marriage proposal is incomplete without the things that make it so special – the ring!

Buying a ring is easy when you have so many options to choose from in the market. The designs of solitaire rings have broken the monotonous mold and are available with intricate designs. A ring is a symbol of your love and it should certainly reflect this. What is the best way to pick a ring for your partner? Let us look at a few tips.

  1. Colour – If your partner likes to pick and choose their outfits carefully and have bold fashion choices, you can never go wrong with a precious stone of colour. Or if you can go for a rose gold band with diamonds rather than the conventional gold band.
  2. Design – You would know your partner best, so you can decide which design they can like most. You can either look at a solitaire diamond with thin bands or broader bands studded with diamonds. If your partner is dramatic, you can even look for a ring that resembles a cocktail ring.
  3. Function – An engagement ring is something your partner would like to flaunt proudly. That is why, while looking at rings it is imperative to look for a ring that can suit all outfits and all occasions. If your partner works in a formal environment then maybe a sleeker design is a good option. This also means buying the ring which you think your partner might be able to carry without being uncomfortable.
  4. Research – When you are about to buy a ring, there are two types of research. The first one tells you all about the options in the market, while the other one is to find out what your life partner would like. You can look at options from the market and look for deals and value for money options. You can determine which cut, clarity, and carat you should be aiming for to stay within your budget. The other type of research gives you insight into what your partner is expecting. You can talk to friends and family to check if they have mentioned anything in particular. Of course, you have the option of going with your loved one to buy a ring so that they can choose for themselves.
  5. Trends – It never hurts to see the trends going on. If you don’t think any of the designs are for you, you might get inspired and find the right fit. Trends are an indication of what is easily available and you don’t need to feel pressured into buying anything. Diamonds rarely go out of fashion and the ring you pick is going to have sentimental value so the trend should not stop you from getting what you want.

Buying a ring can be a daunting task, to begin with, so you can choose what you think best represents your love and you can never go wrong!