Annually, this period rejuvenates cities by infusing them with a festive atmosphere. For many people, this quarter is their favourite. After all, why not? It instils passion and interest, brightens the atmosphere with social events and celebratory cuisine, and provides a breather with the festivities. On the other hand, the coronavirus epidemic seems to have dampened all of the energy this year.

The next Raksha Bandhan holiday will be different since siblings will not be able to enjoy themselves. Even though people may buy fantastic rakhi & online gifts from an online rakhi shop, things will not be about the same again this year. 

There are a slew of unique festivals planned, and the anticipation is palpable. However, there isn’t much that can be undertaken to commemorate these occasions. During this COVID scenario, individuals from many nations have found and created new methods to celebrate holidays.

It is critical to place a premium on adhering to social distance and hygiene standards. Here are a few ideas to help you brighten up your festivities in the middle of the pandemic:

Make the switch to digital.

The purpose of the celebration is to bring people together and build connections. Due to COVID-19-imposed limitations, those who are separated from their families and friends are unable to travel. Buying presents from marketplaces and contacting family and friends this year may not be a safe bet.

People may use video chatting apps like Zoom, Skype, and Gmeet to communicate with their friends, relatives, and cousins, no matter what the event is. Start the virtual festivities by connecting with all of your loved ones. Everyone will be accessible on a single platform, making for a pleasant opportunity to connect and celebrate important occasions.

Try to adapt to the new reality this holiday season. Find unique methods to give your friends and families greetings and presents. To make the party more unforgettable for your guests, consider digital delights like a Live entertainment night through video calls, a customized radio program, celebrity greetings, and so on.

Giving presents

If you feel compelled to purchase more presents than usual, maybe to make up for the fact that this year’s festivities are unusual, understand this is a natural reaction, and it’s not something you must do. We’re all the same, and your contributions are sufficient. 

You don’t have to make up for things you can’t handle. Use online rakhi stores for convenience this year. If money is limited this year, try not to overspend and instead do something innovative or considerate instead of spending the money.

Keep an eye out for overloading.

Whether or not people can have big parties, it’s important to keep track of what you’re consuming, ingesting, and purchasing. To deal with stress, some individuals resort to drink, food, purchasing, and illicit substances.

Consider making your decorations.

It’s difficult to plan a joyful party when you have limitations and are terrified of going out now to buy the necessary items. People avoid coming to marketplaces for personal safety reasons, making it difficult to purchase decorating materials. Travelling from one store to the next in search of the necessary items is also time-consuming. This, though, should have no bearing on the tone of your festivities.

Rather than spending hours searching for the perfect item or switching between several internet shopping sessions, go for DIY decorating kits. They’re built to order and may be delivered right to your door. These kits take the stress out of party preparation and make your room appear aesthetically ready for the event.

Netflix Bash

A further digital party option is to virtually watch some great criminal thrillers or romantic movies with your friends. Collaborate and watch Netflix along with the aid of a browser plugin. While viewing movies and shows, you may also talk on the sidebar chat window.

Keep the spread under control.

The bigger the crowd, the greater the danger of illness spreading. Government and healthcare authorities have established standard operating procedures for planning restricted exhibits and events. Events such as Ganesh Chaturthi shrines, Gurdwara pandals, Diwali Carnival, and others must adhere to safety measures, limiting the number of attendees. As a result, a small inside party with a restricted number of guests is preferable.

Plan a small gathering to protect the health and safety of your loved ones. If you’re swamped with party preparations, hire expert decorators to come to your house and deck up your area. There are party organizers on the marketplace who offer to decorate completely safe services. The products are sterilized in front of consumers, and sellers wear masks to keep your gatherings safe.

Last Thoughts

Many of us enjoy the preparation and enjoyment of different festivals and festivities that bring family and friends together throughout the colder months. Most religious holidays emphasise affluence, optimism, and light at this period of the year. Still, it’s even more essential that we hang on to the essence of these festivities if we can’t commemorate them in the same manner we used to.